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Mobile Applications and 4G Technologies by SVCWireless

SVCWireless is hosting the Mobile Applications and 4G Technologies on May 19 2011. Register The event details are as follows Organization: Silicon Valley-China Wireless Technology Association Event Name: Mobile Applications and 4G Technologies Date(s): May 19 2011, 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM Location: Room Beacon Rock, Google West Campus 5 2375 Garcia Dr, Mountain View, […]

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Silicon Valley China Wireless Association is looking for officers

Founded in 2000, Silicon Valley-China Wireless Technology Association (SVCWireless) is a leading non-profit organization in Silicon Valley with 5000+ members in wireless industry. As an open association, SVCWireless embraces everyone interested in learning and sharing knowledge on wireless technologies and market activities; and promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, and networking with a focus on US and Asia […]

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SVCWireless Mobile Apps SIG event – Android in China: Meet with NetQin, China’s Leading Smartphone Solution Company

SVCWireless.org With smart mobile devices playing an increasing role in everyday life – from social networking to financial transaction management- privacy and security are becoming critical than ever. The soaring messaging threats such as SMS spam, MMS viruses and mobile phishing, are not only intrusive and annoying but also costly to battle and conquer, which put consumers at the risk ofdevastating identify theft and fraud. Mobile security will soon become‘Must-Have’ rather than optional — without an effective mobile security solution, owning a mobile device is tantamount to an open invitation forserious data breaches and security snafus. […]

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Mobile App In Business: Stores, Visibility, and Discovery – SVCWireless

The mobile revolution is here and now.  With iPhone 4.0 and iPad, Apple Inc, the one time moribund and diminutive competitor to the Wintel alliance, owes the phenomenal success to its ubiquitous AppStore that hosts close to a quarter million mobile apps with billions of download to date.  With the iPad/GPad, Google/Apple TV, Chrome OS, […]

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