Can Android 1.5 Catching up with iPhone 3.0

Google just released its 1.5 version of Android plaform days ago. It added lots of new features. But can Android 1.5 catching up with iPhone 3.0 which likely will be relased at June? Even though Apple still keep very quiet about the detail of its 3.0 version of iPhone, tons of rumors about iPhone 3.0 had been released at blogsphere.

My biggest questions is about how soon the handset built o 1.5 version of Android can be released to the market, especially the handset at Europe and China. It is clear that iPhone 3.0 could reach the consumer soon.  On feature side, 1.5 have lots of imporvement over previous verison, but still far from a new revolution. So time to market is critical in its competition with iPhone 3.0

Check out this article from Comptuer world:

The Android 1.5 challenge: Beat iPhone 3.0 and Palm Pre

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