Google’s Big Bet – Android 1.5

What if Google lose? If you don’t need to win, then doesn’t matter. But, with so many investment and too many cash in hand, it took a while for me to find out about how important Android is to Google.  The reason is simple: Google needs to win, and it is not easy.

It is a big bet for Google now. Android is important, I heard it, I read it, I saw it, I felt it. So pressure is in. Weeks after iPhone 3.0 announcement, and 1.5 month before iPhone 3.0 release, weeks before Palm’s Pre, Android 1.5 release is a in a tough window. Now everybody’s eyes are on the head to head competition between Android 1.5 and iPhone 3.0. It is the highest stake Google didn’t experienced in years.

Even if Android cannot build a momentum, as far as Android doesn’t look like a loser like the G1 performance, it will be good enough for the summer because more Android phones are coming up later this year. However,  there are more worse cases, like trailing behand Pre, or Sybian, Windows Mobile, and so on.  This is not the search market, Android’s competitors had been trying to beat it up every since its released. I do beleive most of them will die no matter that. But  What if Android become the No. 4 or No.5 Mobile platform? It will be big lose.

So Google has to work hard,  than doing Chrome, Gmail, then YuTube, than ever. Believe or not, check out Google IO, and watch out for all the Google Android related actions.

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