Android’s winning strategy – what iPhone doesnot do

Santa Clara.  Many people dreamed to replicate some successful stories in iPhone to Android.  It will remain a dream, at least fo vast majority of them.  Android and iPhone have  difference user base. And I don’t think Android will ever catch up with iPhone in the “cool stuff” and gaming. 

However, Android does has a bright future.  To lots of  consumer and enterprises, it is about about what Android can do, it is about what iPhone or Apples doesn’t do. Lets take a look at them:

  1.     Multiple carriers in US
  2.     Multiple phone manufactures
  3.     Open source for customization and third party use.
  4.    Low cost phones
  5.    And few more

I bet if Apple deliveries two of above, then Android will be like Linux in the desktop world.  But thanks Steve Jobs, Apple will not deliver any of them. So Android will rise quickly for those areas. Here are few examples

Businesses where multiple carriers supprt is required: 

       B2B business: you cannot force all your client to use only Att,

      D2C mobile:

Customization in deployment and or software are required

      This is a big area which potential has not been fully explored. I always believe with better OS, cheaper handsets, lots of traditional specially designed mobile equipment will be replaced by a customized Android equipment.

Third world (Cheap phones)

      In China, India, Africa, Latin America, Android will be a bigger winner.