Next motorola android device heading t-mobiles way


 We have heard rumblings of a Motorola putting out some Android handsets by the end of the year. We were also told that T-Mobile will be releasing Android handsets from three carriers in 2009, HTC, Samsung, and now we have confirmed the 3rd manufacturer: Motorola. (Can’t see the picture? Some TmoToday pictures can only be seen by registered members. Register today to check out this screenshot, pictures, and other exciting features)

As we can see in the screenshot, there is a good looking Motorola Android handset heading our way in the final months of 2009. While we cannot reveal the pricing of this year’s Android handsets quite yet, we will be revealing more details as the devices get closer to hitting T-Mobile’s shelves. Right now, we have T-Mobile’s confirmed upcoming Android devices tallied at 5:

 Samsung Houdini

  • Motorola Morrison
  • HTC Magic (G2)
  • Bigfoot G1 v2
  • Huawei Touchscreen device

While we have tips coming in showing that there may be another device that has been added to this lineup, we cannot confirm this at the time. Look at T-Mobile’s lineup, we can say with confidence that T-Mobile is looking to dominate the Android market in the United States. We’ll see how the rest of the year develops, as more and more carriers and manufacturers get involved in the open-source storm that we like to call Android.

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