Flash: the game changer for mobile develoment

Consumers love iPhone.  Google,  Nokia, Moto, can only play catch-up. But developers don’t. How many developers can switch from Java or  Flash and become an Object C expert? Not many, and not enough incentive any more. With the large drop of revenue expectation from small iPhone app publishers (majority of new commers in App store don’t have net profit), developer are looking around.

On the other hand, still there are tons of developers in the Java and Flahs camp are waiting for a good timing to jump into mobile development. Google gave chances to the Java folks, but most of Java folks are not good at UI. As result, those apps are not as attractive as the apps in iPhone.  But now, with the Flash support in Google Android, and likely follow by Sybian, Windows Mobile, (and Pre?),  you need to take a new look at how the developer communities behind each mobile camp.

Flash developers are much better in persenting UI than the Java folks (like me).  Vest majority of Flash developers are also good at UI and some of them even can do graphic design. Of cause, flash is much easier to code than Object C, than Java. So, making mobile app using Flash? This is going to change the landscape overnight. 

 Then there will be one big loser: Apple. I am hoping Adobe can develop a tool to convert an Flash app developed for Android to iPhone App. I am interested in doing it if Adobe doesn’t.

Check out what the Nokia folks are talking about recently. Apple is too happy with its profit margin now, but the develoeprs are not happy. Are you ready for the change?

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