Dazzboard enables Android developers to manage mobile content

Met with CEO of Linkotec Tuesday and he showed me a very intereting product – Dazzboard, whcih manage manage content for Android device. He is try to find out how Android developers may utilize it. Bellow is more information about this platform.

Dazzboard is a Webtop application that offers seamless media management and distribution for Portable Devices. Dazzboard is the first universal media management webtop application that streamlines user data management between online and portable devices. With instant device recognition technology, dazzboard connects users’ portable device photos, images, video, music and more with multiple social media networks and vice versa.  With Dazzboard users can simply  drop their favorite videos from YouTube onto a mobile device or upload vacation photos and videos directly from the device to Flickr or Facebook without installing a single proprietary device application.

 Why Dazzboard Android Suite ?

  • No PC application currently for Android
  • No simple way to manage PC to Device media
  • No content back up on PC
  • No easy way to transfer rich media large files

 Value proposition to Android Users: beyond iTunes experience

  • PC content Sync: Necessary user experience when you start using the phone

– My Music /video from my library to Android phone.

  • Content / Device backup

– My Apps, my personal data

  • Share in full quality for Social Networks (add to your Twitter feed)

– Mobile video to YouTube made simple

– Pictures to Picasa / Facebook / Flickr, with one click experience

  • iGoogle Gadget application for sharing my content from device in iGoogle to my social networks

 Value proposition to Android developers / users

  • Android Device manager can be integrated to partner site

–          for device management, content distribution

  • Full support for Android devices in media management and Social Network uploads

–          Brings Android devices /users to partner websites

  • Devices can be recognized / identified by serial number for better customer service

–          linked to phone numbers on database

–          My Android is my VIP card to the service

Tray Dazzboard yourself at:

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