Enjoy the Silicon Valley Android Developers Christmas party

Silicon Valley Android Developers Group is hosting a big Christmas party with lots of free goodies. Samsung will give away two more free android phones.  Google, DeviceAnywhere, Getjars, GreyStripe, Tech CU had pledged to sponsor this event with food, drinks and so on.
5:45PM: Food and networking
6:30PM: Introduction
6:40PM: Speaker & Presentations
7:30pm: break
7:45: Lighting Demos
8:10: Silicon Valley Developer’s Favorite Android App Award
8:20: Fun games
8:30: Announcement
8:35PM: lucky draw & Free gift
Lighting Demos
Name: Christian Grant, Solution architect, AmberChild
Bio: M.Sc., Boeing, Netscape, IBM, Hitachi, Executive Talks.
AmberChild used with AmberParent is a child tracking application. It enables parents to see the child’s location on a map on their Android phone within seconds of a location change, or when the child’s location is requested. Hopefully the application can help avoid the disappearance of a child or speed up a safe recovery.
Andy Liu,  Software Engineer,  Huarong Trail (Lite)
Abstract:  Huarong Trail is a traditional Chinese sliding block puzzle game.  There are small square blocks, verticle/horizontal rectangle blocks, and one big square block.  The goal is to move the big square block from one position to the exiting position.  The game is based on the “Romance of Three Kingdoms” chapter 50.  After suffering his defeat at the Battle of Red Cliffs, Cao Cao, the warlord of Wei, made his escape with his surviving men towards the cit of Jiangling.  Finally, Cao Cao escaped throught Huarong Trail.
Darshana, Access Bollywood: Access Bollywood keeps you up-to-date with the latest Bollywood News, Gossips and Movies. The intuitive interface of the app enables you to easily browse through the pictures and tap on celebrity to read the story.  Be the first one to share the gossip story with your friends, just with a touch. By AppKettle, specializes in building Mobile Apps. Currently we build apps on Android and iPhone and especially  cater to the Indian community around the world.
Kai Mai. Fake-call me
It is an Android application that allows you to fake receiving a call  from anyone with customized ringtone/vibration/picture.  It gives an excuse to get out of whatever situations.  Check it out at
Vote for your favorite Android App.
Qualification & rules
1 All the Android app candidates must be developed locally in the Silicon Valley.
2 The candidates must be an Android app submitted to Android market in 2009.
3 All the presenters in the past 2009 Android meetups will be automatically selected as candidates. (you can email me to add links to your app, or add one sentence description)
4 Submission deadline is 10PM Saturday.
5 We will reward the top 5. The first winner will get $50 worth of gift.
6 Each developer can only have one app to be candidate.
All candidate should submit url using market:// protocol?
Voting will done using poll of Each member can only vote once. Can vote multiple. Official vote starts on Sunday, and ends at Wednesday 5PM. All the attendees for the Christmas party will get extra vote at the dec 16 in the event.