Silicon Valley Android Developers Favorite Android Apps 2009 Winners full list

Silicon Valley Android Developers Meetup Announced winners of 2009 Favorite Apps last week. (Source Here is the full list:

Winner: Pro Paint Camera by Popcrowd Software
Pro Paint Camera is a replacement for the stock Android camera app. It adds features such as: 4 filters, 2 whitebalances, autofocus, clipart, text fonts, 6 crazy photo effects & full photo editor
Popcrowd Software

Second Place: Geogad Tours by Geogad Inc
Explore the world with video and audio clips. Share your customized tours, and upload video tour stops from your phone.
Company: Geogad, Inc.
Web site:
Info on Geogad’s Android app:
Download link:
Twitter: @geogad
Contact: Georgi Dagnall

Third Place: ShapeWriter by Dr. Shumin Zhai
ShapeWriter is a revolutionary text and commands input method for touchscreen mobile devices. To enter text the user simply draws an approximate stroke gesture from letter to letter on a touch keyboard and lifts up to complete the word. The resulting trace is recognized as the intended word. For example a stroke approximately tracing F-U-N results in “fun”. Due to statistical pattern recognition, ShapeWriter’s intelligent algorithm is inherently error tolerant. Other close matches to the user’s gesture are presented in a suggestion bar (demo @
More information can be found at I’d be happy to write up more if you need.

Fourth Place: Third PlaceRxdigita by Ivan Tarasov & Siamak Ashrafi (Ash)
Rxdigita connects with Google Health to set cyclic alarms
on medications and racks when medications are taken or if medications
are repeatedly missed an emergency contact is notified.

Fifth Place: 8footprints by Apofa
If your life was a treasure map, what would it look like? 8 Footprints enables the modern voyager to map their life’s quest across the globe.See the trail that walks with you wherever you go during all of life’s experiences. Now your footprints can be integrated with twitter as well.
download link: avaliable on android market
contact person: Nelson To

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