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I am glad to speak at App Store and Discovery event hosted by Telecom Council Silicon Valley. Here is the detail.
App Stores were the big story for 2009, and growth and interest in that sector is sure to continue through 2010. But there are definite fractures in the generic app store’s foundations. The developers of mobile content are increasingly voicing growing dissatisfaction over likely obscurity, hyper-competition, shrinking margins, and that same bug-bear once again – fragmentation.


Research from one Telecom Council member reveals no fewer than 44 app stores emerged since 20083Q, with at least 7 more coming in 2010Q1. This leaves us with some questions to address:

  • What are the considerations for the app store operators (the carriers, handset vendors, OS makers, portals, etc.) as they try to carve themselves out a piece of this role?
  • Is it about revenue, or is it ownership of the relationship?
  • Can the industry possibly support this many storefronts?
  • What role does application discovery play?
  • Does discovery take place within a store, per the Amazon sales models, or across stores, per the Google search models?
  • Are there social networking solutions that can help sort through the 100,000+ apps out there?

For developers, a brief trend towards homogeneity has been halted, and tough decisions once again loom about the best path to market, getting noticed, and which app stores are most promising. What factors should developers be demanding of their channels? Are there differences between enterprise and consumer, between large and small ISVs? So many questions. At this meeting, you can learn best practices for answering them, communicate with your potential channel partners, spot trends, and make the connections that will get you to your next milestones.

This meeting is free for Telecom Council members, and $200 for non-members.


When Thursday, March 18, 2010 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
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