Android Top Gun Training Camp Instructors Updated

From Android Top Gun Training Camp

Marko Gargenta, Marakana

Marko Gargenta has been programming in Java even before it was named Java. His background is in very large enterprise web application development but he’s also had a fair-share of UI experience having rewritten the entire AWT into lightweight components before Java Swing ever came out. He’s a big believer in agile development processes, being a certified ScrumMaster himself as well as contributor to eXtreme Programming methodology.

Marko is a professional consultant and instructor. He’s taught teams of organizations such as Sony-Ericsson, Ericsson Canada, MetroPCS, Experian, DoJ, DoD, and many others. He’s published a PHP/MySQL by Example book with Prentice Hall (world’s largest tech publisher) as well as created many of Marakana’s courseware, including the Android series.

Georgi Dagnall, CEO at Geogad, Inc

Geogad is an Internet travel content platform that distributes audio- and video-based self-guided tours of popular tourist destinations. The tours are available over the web, over the mobile web to browsers on feature phones, and over Google Android-powered smartphones via native apps. During her time at Geogad, Dr. Dagnall has become proficient in audio and video content delivery over multiple channels and mobile devices. She hosts the Informal Android Developer Meetup in Silicon Valley and coordinated and led the first Android-related developer-led competition in Silicon Valley. Her wide background in computer systems and languages is includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, J2EE, PostgreSQL, C, and C++  among others. Her prior employment covered both R&D and technical marketing in the cable TV optical systems division of Harmonic, Inc. She received her doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology while researching the growth of InAsP strained quantum well lasers.

Jian Zhang, Chief Android Architect of ExtendLogic, Founder and CTO, Xeeku LLC

Jian is one of very few earlier developers starting Android development from the very beginning in 2007. He has strong passion in Android technologies, and had been working and managing types of Android Apps.  Currently, he has several Android apps in Android Market which were led developed by Jian under name Xeeku.

Besides helping ExtendLogic defines its Android enterprise solutions, Jian also has been working as CTO for Xeehu which Jian founded 3 years ago. Xeeku’s mission is to create an unified access portal for personal information consumption and capture.

Jian participated in Google’s Android Developers Challenge both Phase I and II, and was #6 and #12 in the Life Style and Social categories. Jian also participated in Android Hachathon.

Nelson To, the founder of Apofa

Nelson has been working Android since 1.0. I have published 12 android application on Android market myself under Apofa.  He also get involved with different android projects. Including Stanford University Android Research project. (which was working on M3, M5 android level), AOL AIM on Android and many others.