Meet with Jason Cooper from Google at 8-11 SV Android meetup

Agenda for 8-11 SV Android meetup:

6:30PM Introduction
6:40PM Speaker and Presentations
Jason Cooper, Google Developer Relationship
Making Money and Tracking Usage: Google mobile APIs in action

Andrew Kulikov, F5 Networks, Secure Mobile Remote Access with SSL VPN.
Mobile device usage to access enterprise resources continue to grow, Enterprise administrators are requiring the use of VPN connections from mobile devices. A large number of VPN deployments are using SSLVPN for remote access to their enterprise networks, and these deployments require SSLVPN clients for mobile platforms. In this presentation we cover the challenges of developing an SSL VPN client, and demonstrate a working client on Android.

Andrew joined F5 Networks in 2007. Areas of responsibilities include development and suport of client-side applications for Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN) for different platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile and Android.

8PM Demo

Dave Donnelly, recent graduate of the Android Developer’s Bootcamp and President of Lido Services Corp, will be presenting the application he is developing for his client, A Positive Thought. A Positive Thought has two products that have been available in gift stores and book shops for several years that they wanted to make available to smart phone users. The products consist of decks of cards containing positive affirmation messages. The first app, available today on the Android Market, is the beta release of the free version of “I Am…” – presenting messages such as I Am… optimistic, or I Am… inspired. Coming soon there will be an enhanced, paid version of “I Am…” and two additional apps (free and paid) representing A Positive Thought’s other product, “I Let Go…”
Go to the Android Market and search for “I Am…” or

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