Made in Silicon Valley: Meet with local Android Startups at Android Bootcamp @ CTIA Wireless

Source: Silicon Valley Android Developer’s Blog


mobile ad network, running in-app banners on iPhone and Android apps.


Discover new places recommended by people like you and keep in touch with your friends


Location-based realtime video service.


Diacarta iPhone App
Phone Halo    Phone Halo is “Onstar for Belongings”.


“Apsalar is a mobile analytics platform that provides key metrics for app developers and publishers to:
Profitably increase their user base, Deliver a great user experience, and Maximize revenues develops mobile and web apps to make it easy to capture and organize the information that matters to people. Our note-taking app can also be easily integrated into other apps for free.

Geogad, Inc.

Audio/Video self-guided tours of popular travel destinations delivered over multiple mobile platforms.

Droplet Technology

All software based real time video calling platform, delivering high quality video.


appMobi cross-device hosted development platform (PaaS). appMobi brings the millions of web developers into the native mobile app development game.


Free text-to-speech Android SDK enables any developer to add high quality speech to their app. Cloud-based, easy to implement and the most natural sounding voices around.

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