AnDevCamp Speaker List

Stephan Branczyk

Stephan Branczyk is the owner and main instructor of He has been teaching android programming for the last year, and developped for that platform for the last two. He currently runs the free Android Classes meetup in Alameda at

Previously, Stephan developed mobile applications on Nokia, and before that he was part of the Extreme Programming community and developed wiki-related server-side applications on J2EE.

Fred Chung

Developer Advocate for Android at Google
Fred is a Developer Advocate at Google working with Android developers worldwide to realize compelling mobile apps. He is also involved with efforts to help developers monetize with Google’s mobile ads products. Before joining Google, Fred was a consultant at Accenture and has held various software engineering positions in the enterprise systems integration area.

Kent Griffin

Sr. Product Manager at PayPal Mobile

Kent Griffin is a Sr. Product Manager for PayPal Mobile and manages the product portfolio for the mobile SDKs. He has been with PayPal for over six years and focused on innovating in mobile payments for 5 of them. Prior to PayPal, Kent helped develop search solutions for other financial service providers and holds a couple of degrees from Stanford University.

Scott Guilfoyle

Senior Vice President of Platform Services and CTO at PayPal
As senior vice president of platform services and CTO, Scott Guilfoyle leads PayPal’s platform operations, product development, information security, corporate information technology and corporate architecture. Together with his teams in North America, Europe and Asia, Guilfoyle is responsible for providing a world class payments platform, technology infrastructure and operations for PayPal’s millions of accounts around the world.

Prior to joining PayPal, he was the chief information officer (CIO) for Interactive Corporation’s financial services and real estate division, overseeing sites including LendingTree, GetSmart, HomeLoanCenter and Guilfoyle also served as CIO for Bank of America Card Services. He began his career at GE, holding key technology leadership positions including CIO of GE Plastics, Americas and GE Engine Services.

Keithen Hayenga

Android Developer
He started his technical career at Apple and put in 14 years there. While working at Apple, he founded IndiVideo which produced games and utilities for Palm OS devices. He parlayed that experience into working for PalmSource; then PalmOne which reverted to Palm; back to PalmSource which was bought by Access. Those last 6 years of working for the Palm derivative companies was mostly spent providing developer tech support for their Linux mobile devices, the Palm Foleo and Access Linux Platform. As part of those jobs he traveled the world providing training for Linux based OSes developed with Eclipse on Ubuntu. He is now using the same tools to develop his own Android apps.

Christian Kurzke
Developer Advocate for Google TV at Google

Christian is Developer Advocate for the Google Android Platform, and has recently been focusing on Android for Google TV. He is an Open Source enthusiast, committer in the Eclipse Foundation and has been working at the intersection of Linux and Java since the early 90es. Prior to Google, Christian worked in Motorola’s Mobile Phone and Settop Box divisions. Before that, Christian was at SUN working on Java for Embedded Systems. He holds a Dipl. Inf. degree from Univ. Erlangen, Germany, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Srikanth Nandiraju

PayPal Mobile

Srikanth Nandiraju is a software artist who has a love for creativity and specializes in front-end and back-end technologies. He spends most of his time experimenting new product ideas on web and devices. Follow Srikanth on Twitter @nandiraju and be sure to check out some of his experiments on the PayPal labs website.

Ted Patrick

Chief Evangelist, Android Developer Relations at Barnes & Noble
Ted Patrick is a Platform Evangelist at Adobe Systems. He worked with Flash since FutureSplash Animator and watched its evolution from animation to application. Ted helped Macromedia/Adobe with the development of ActionScript 3, AVM2, ASC compiler, and Flash Player 9 for some 18 months prior to Flex 2’s release. Prior to joining Adobe in May 2006, he provided consulting services at PowerSDK Software and Cynergy Systems. Ted is a serial entrepreneur having successfully started-up 4 times and raised over 7 Million in VC funding for companies he founded. Ted is actively involved in the Flex development community and works at Adobe to define the future of rich media.

Pragati Ogal Rai
MTS 1, Software Engineer at PayPalPragati has been associated with Mobile Security for over 7 years. As part of Motorola’s Platform Security Team, she worked on the development of security centric features on various mobile operating systems. She has been working on Android kernel and applications since November 2009. Pragati currently works at PayPal on PayPal’s Android application.

Yusuf Saib
Android Resident Expert at T-Mobile

Yusuf Saib is an Android resident expert at T-mobile, and leads teams to deliver some of the most downloaded applications in the Android Market.

Lawrence S. Wong

Mobile Software Developer

Lawrence S. Wong is a mobile software developer, focusing on the Android platform. He has 10+ years of Java experience, including tech-lead role (for enterprise server-side and client-side applications) in Mobile, Healthcare and e-Commerce sectors. Lawrence is an assistant organizer of the Silicon Valley Android Meetup community, teaches Android classes in the Bay Area and Asia. He contributes to open-source projects, and helps to review technical
books on mobile, web, and telecom technologies.

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