SVAndroid DevCamp Volunteers



Android DevCamp couldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the following individuals over the recent weeks. They kindly donated their time and expertise to bring this event to fruition.

Jamie Allen
Management and Mobile Technology Consultant

James C. “Jamie” Allen provides management consulting and product development services in the areas of telecommunications services, mobile applications, web services and enterprise mobility. He will work with you to translate your vision for a software product or service into plans, specifications, development projects, and working products. Jamie can manage the entire product lifecycle for you, from concept through development to deployment with customers.


Gilles de Bordeaux


Gilles is an entrepreneur and Director of Project Management Offices. During the past 18 years, he has been in the roles of Project/Program management and consulting for Bay Area startups and international groups. Gilles created and managed Quality Assurance, Software Development, Documentation, and Operations teams. Gilles has a DESS, and is a former embedded and applications Software Engineer. He is a long time member of PMI and MPUG. Gilles is also a Private Pilot, the VP of the Silicon Valley Chapter AUVSI, and is involved in different community and non-profit projects.

Perry Chow

Perry Chow is an Embedded Systems Engineer who works on hardware and software. He hacks on hardware by day, and hacks software by night. His technical passions includes Linux, open source software and enjoys attending hackathons. He has attended GTUG and iOS hackathons and is constantly looking at the next big wave in technology.

Roberto Colecchia
Strategic Marketing Manager and Android Java Developer


Perrine Crampton

Paypal Social Ecosystem Manager

Perrine runs grassroots events for the developer community – at PayPal and externally. She has had a part in the iPadDevCamp, iOSDevCamp, Startup Weekend San Jose, Twitter Developers Meetups and Facebook Developers Meetups.

Rupa Dachere
Rupa Dachere has worked in Telecom and Datacom R&D for the last 10+ years, primarily on System/Device/Network management and Fault Tolerance. She is an avid geekette who loves to learn new technologies and participate in code-related events. Her forays into Android are in the initial stages so far. Rupa’s experience encompasses working at Motorola, Nokia and Lucent/Bell Labs, as well as startups like Mayan Networks and Modulus Video. As the founder and organizer of CodeChix, she creates a face-to-face forum for female developers/designers/geekettes to gather and participate in technical, career and networking opportunities while partaking in home-made goodies. When not busy with geeky/techy things, Rupa loves to hike, camp, travel and cook/eat various cuisines.

Twitter: @codechix

Venkat Danda


Currently working at PaymentOne. Prior to that worked at Yahoo! Games, IONA and Tibco. Owner of eServiceZone Inc. Currently working on Mobile Games.

Twitter: @venkatdanda

Keithen Hayenga

Android Developer
He started his technical career at Apple and put in 14 years there. While working at Apple, he founded IndiVideo which produced games and utilities for Palm OS devices. He parlayed that experience into working for PalmSource; then PalmOne which reverted to Palm; back to PalmSource which was bought by Access. Those last 6 years of working for the Palm derivative companies was mostly spent providing developer tech support for their Linux mobile devices, the Palm Foleo and Access Linux Platform. As part of those jobs he traveled the world providing training for Linux based OSes developed with Eclipse on Ubuntu. He is now using the same tools to develop his own Android apps.

Crystabelle Lopez

Freelance Web Designer

Crystabelle is a self-taught Freelance Web Designer who creates aesthetically-pleasing websites with table-less layouts comprised of semantic, valid (X)HTML and CSS. A detail-oriented individual, Crystabelle is conscious of cross-browser design issues and the importance of testing websites prior to deployment. At the moment, she is teaching herself how to write mobile applications for Android devices, and is learning about HTML 5, CSS 3 and Java. She is also an active member of CodeChix, a group of brainy chicks and developers meeting face-to-face and gadget-to-gadget. Crystabelle is available to help you with your website needs. Please visit her website and LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Le T. Nguyen


Recently, Le graduated from KIT (Germany) where he studied computer science and information technology. He has a background in advanced web applications, information systems and semantic technologies. Currently, Le is working at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley on an indoor navigation system utilizing low-cost sensors embedded in mobile phones.


Meenakshi Ramamoorthi
Consultant in Cloud Computing and Mobile technologies

Meenakshi Ramamoorthi has an excellent self instinct in innovation. She has invented different products in the area of security, networking, storage, home automation, baby boomer products, Web 2.0 technologies and mobile platforms. She has an excellent knowledge of software development encompassing invention, market research, breaking down the product to requirement specifications, high level design, low level design, implementation and deployment at customer sites during alpha, beta and general releases.


Nelson To
Author and Android Developer

Nelson To has been working on Android Research and Development for years. He has a great passion on exploring innovative ideas and creating the Android applications to make his ideas a reality. He has developed over 20 Android applications which includes AOL AIM Android application, and the first High Definition video chatting android application (Vid) in the history on the Google TV for Logitech Revue Box. He also teaches Android classes in the local community to help people to learn the Android more effectively. He also devotes significant amount of effort in the Android community to organize the Android meetings for the local community.
He is also an co author of “Android Cookbook” which receives a high rate of reader feedback from Amazon.

Lawrence S. Wong

Mobile Software Developer

Lawrence S. Wong is a mobile software developer, focusing on the Android platform. He has 10+ years of Java experience, including tech-lead role (for enterprise server-side and client-side applications) in Mobile, Healthcare and e-Commerce sectors. Lawrence is an assistant organizer of the Silicon Valley Android Meetup community, teaches Android classes in the Bay Area and Asia. He contributes to open-source projects, and helps to review technical
books on mobile, web, and telecom technologies.


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