Cha Li – Managing General Partner of Dragon Vest, CEO of IdeaFactory will give keynote at Mobile China 2011 Conference

Mobile China 2011 is proud to present the Keynote Speaker for Morning session (9:35AM) – Cha Li:
President – IdeaFactory (Incubator with Softbank)

Founder &CEO – Carnival Nation Media Corp
President- MotionPoster Asia
Founder & CEO – InterPro Ltd.
President – East West Communications Inc.

General Manager- ZiffDavis Inc.和Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

Cha Li

Co-Founder and Managing General Partner

Cha Li is Founder and Managing General Partner of Dragonvest Partners, LP. He has more than seventeen years of international business experience in the US, Europe and Asia, eight years of which involves direct experience in China as an investor and an entrepreneur. Cha Li specializes in the emerging wireless, digital media and Internet sectors in China.

Cha Li was one of the first students who left China to study in the West after the Cultural Revolution. After his graduation, he has worked in international media companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide and ZiffDavis before he started his own business in New York City. His first US start-up company, EastWest Communications, Inc. was an advertising company that helped numerous US multinationals expanding into Asia. As a serial entrepreneur himself, Cha Li has founded and run several companies in search engine technology, eLearning, online music and mobile gaming before he became a venture capitalist.

Cha Li was educated at the National Academy of the Arts in China, where he received a B.A. and the University of London, where he received an Master degree. He was also the founding Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Student Association in Europe.