Meet Wang Jian, CTO, Alibaba @ GMIC Roadshow USA

China’s tech companies are a force to be reckoned with.  With the aim to inform, educate, and promote sharing between the East and West, the GMIC Roadshow USA will bring 8 C-Level executives and topGMIC speakers, who are China’s top mobile leaders, to Silicon Valley on November 5th – 12th.  We’ll be introducing our first executive in our delegation, Wang Jian, the CTO of Alibaba, and President of Alibaba Cloud Computing.

About Alibaba: The B2B E-Commerce Giant

The publicly listed (HKSE:1688.HK) Alibaba Group [阿里巴巴集团] is headquartered in Hangzhou’s East Software Park. It’s flagship company,, is the world’s largest online business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce company,  with 18 million registered users on its international English site and 44 million more B2B users registered in China.  A behemoth of a company, in 2010, had a $8.8 billion market cap and netted $225 million on revenue of $853 million.

What’s been making headlines in US tech news though, is Alibaba’s interest in acquiring Yahoo, which currently has a 40% stake in the parent Alibaba Group.  After Carol Bartz’s recent ousting as CEO of Yahoo, the company has been in search of of new leadership.  Consequently, Alibaba has prepared more than USD $20 billion with the intention to take over Yahoo.

Alibaba Group and its affiliated entities:

Alibaba operates two marketplaces. The first is an international marketplace based in English, and is tailored to global importers and exporters in China.  The second is a Chinese marketplace that focuses on suppliers and buyers trading domestically in China. (HKSE: 1688) – E-commerce for small businesses (B2B)
Taobao Marketplace – Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online shopping platform
Taobao Mall – Business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail marketplace
eTao – Search engine designed for online shoppers
Alibaba Cloud Computing – Advanced data-centric cloud computing services platform
China Yahoo! – One of China’s leading internet portals
Alipay – A third-party online payment platform, currently holding the largest market share in China, and the largest online payment system in the world by value of transactions

About Wang Jian: CTO, Alibaba Group; President, Alibaba Cloud Computing

wang-jian-alibaba-cto-alibaba-cloud-computing-presidentWang Jian (王坚) joined Alibaba Group in September 2008, and is the Chief Architect (CTO) for Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud Computing, reporting directly to Alibaba Group’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Jack Ma.  Wang Jian is in charge of the technology architecture and underlying technology platform that supports Alibaba’s markets for SME customers.  Involved in Alibaba’s most recent foray into the mobile space, Wang Jian is also the spokesperson for Alibaba’s recent smartphone, ‘Aliphone’, which runs on the Android-based Aliyun OS.  The Aliphone provides integrated access to some of Alibaba’s most popular cloud-based services, including search, cloud storage (customers will get 500 GB for free), instant messaging, and Web browsing.

Prior to Alibaba, Wang Jian was the Executive Vice President at Microsoft Research Asia, and lead several initiatives including user interface, machine learning, large-scale data processing, research and Beijing’s adCenter Labs.  Wang Jian also lead the invention and implementation of digital ink technology used in the Tablet PC, OneNote 2003, Windows XP Tablet PC edition 2005, Windows Vista and the next generation of Windows and other products.

Catch the GMIC Roadshow USA

This year’s GMIC Roadshow USA is unmatched in the number and caliber of delegates traveling from China to the US.  Interested in finding out more about China’s mobile Internet industry? Don’t miss out on the GMIC Roadshow USA, and stay tuned for future exposés on our trip’s delegates.

About the GMIC Roadshow USA: The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing is now thelargest and most influential mobile internet conference in Asia drawing more that 5000 participants from 30 countries. There is no other event that draws the same level of speakers or provides the same level of insights on mobile business in Asia. Today, we are excited to announce that Americans will be able to experience the GMIC on a small scale without leaving the US through the GMIC Roadshow USA. See a list of the other attending executives.

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