Yes, the droid guys/girls will dance with music at SVAndroid’s Chrome event 3/14

No kidding: Music, Dance, Tea @ Chrome on Android, Google TV, and mobile

Has been more than three years for SVAndroid.  Indeed boring, for just demos and presentations, at least for myself. But I found a great reason to do something fun during GDC (Game Developers Conference): innovation and creativity.

Many events/Booth in GDC are fun, sexy, cute.  While I was thinking about how to learn from it, I met with Julia Steward, M.A. at my Startup Tea House event. Its a great timing. I will never agree to do it, if its one year ago; but now, I loved the idea immediately!

More about Julia Steward, M.A. and her World Music and Dance:

I am sure we will have more fun, down the road.

Detail of this event: