Apple and Google agreed cross licensing for Android and iOS for limited time – Wall Street Stories

Silicon Valley, April 1. Apple and Google had made an agreement to cross license the patents between iOS and Android, from a VC source who had invested into both Apple and Google in the earlier stage. The official announcement will likely be announced Sunday Pacific Time.

Apple had been fighting with Google’s Android at all the battle ground, one of them is the pantent lawsuit.  Motorola, a Google company tobe, also started similar tactic last year. This had created lots of pressure and cost to the OEMs and developers.

There had been a long tim negotiating unders the table, the source said.  However, the financial terms are still unknown. For sure, the OEMs are protected from the lawsuit from now on.

Apple or Google refused to make any comments to this news.

However, the bad part of this agreement is that, its limited to all the product released after April 1st 2012. So take your chance!

Source: Wall Street Tech Stories

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