WCA mobile sensors event goes deeper with Qualcomm STMicroelectronics Cypress Maxim & Sensirion on 4/18

Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG is hosting a great event: Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences at April 18th evening.

Updated event details with registration link is below/here: Some seats are still left, so register asap.

The original event announcement:


WCA Mobile & Future SIG jointly presents::

Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences

April 18th 2012 — 6:30pm – 8:30pm  (Registration/Networking Starts at 6:00pm, Networking until 9:00pm)

Qualcomm Inc., Bldg SCL.B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara, CA 


A few lucky attendees will go home with free smartphones! Light meals, drinks, refreshments provided!*
Indoor navigation LBS and gesture enabled 3D games using motion sensors, gesture & touchless user interfaces, smart proximity & color sensing, Augmented Reality, context-aware services — these are the next-generation use cases that mobile device designers implement leveraging the latest advances in semiconductor “sensor” technologies. With the next wave of smart phones and tablets launching in 2012, User Experience (UX) and feature differentiations between devices are becoming ever-more important to stay market-competitive. At the same time, developers are faced with the challenges in balancing device performance, cost, and power consumption optimization for mobile devices. As the “fusion” across such innovations among semiconductor sensors and mobile apps & device designs mature, the enhancement of the overall UX will dramatically propel the mobile industry out to a new frontier.

— Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG, WCA

— Len Sheynblat, VP of Technology, Qualcomm, Inc. (Event Sponsor)
— Wen Lin, Marketing Manager – iNEMO and Sensor Hub solutions (Motion), STMicroelectronics
— John Carey, Director of Marketing – TrueTouch, Cypress Semiconductor
— Seckin Ozdamar, Business Manager – Optical Sensors, Human Interface BU, Maxim Integrated Products
— Michael Karst, General Manager and CEO, Sensirion, Inc. (Temperature/Humidity Sensors)

At this event, our expert presenters from 5 leading semiconductor companies will introduce and demonstrate such technological innovations and UX enabled by various sensors. Not only will they show demonstrations of sensor technologies but our guest OEM, Software and App Developer companies will also showcase real-life use cases and apps on various mobile devices. We will address myriad of questions including: What types of sensors are being used to implement what specific differentiated UX in next wave of smartphones & tablets? What are the use cases that have not been able to bring to life with past semiconductor technologies? How is the performance vs. cost vs. power consumption tradeoffs being managed with such advanced innovations in semiconductors for mobile handhelds? What new mobile software and applications are being developed that uniquely leverage these sensor technologies and thus create new UX’es? What are the mobile sensor technologies & services trends behind “sensor fusion / integration” that enable innovations and new UX to advance even further into the future?

Demo Partners:
— Microsoft: Windows Phone Developer Program and Sensors APIs
— Samsung: Samsung Mobile Developers Program and Sensors SDK
— Alohar Mobile: Persistent Sensing Technology (Sensor Fusion)
— SenionLab: Indoor Positioning and Navigation Platform (Sensor Fusion)
— Sensor Platforms Inc.: FreeMotion™ and Sensor Fusion Software
— WIMM Labs: Custom Android Device and Micro Apps (Motion, Touch)
— Wikitude: Augmented Reality Browser … AND OTHER INNOVATIVE APPS!

The WCA Mobile and Wireless Futures SIGs are excited to jointly host this high profile presentation and demo event featuring the industry’s innovative minds who are at the forefront of shaping up the future of the next generation mobile User Experiences. This event will address these as well as many other questions to reveal what the future holds for sensor innovations in mobile devices. Don’t miss this chance to hear firsthand from our speakers and network with a broad spectrum of our audience!

Seating at this event is limited! Register now! 

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