Meet three great Google Speakers Christian Kurzke, Ossama Alam, Paul Saxman @ Google TV Hackathon (2.5 days)

10:00 am:  Google TV UX                         Christian Kurzke
10:45 am:  Montetization on Google TV      Ossama Alami
11:30 am:  Google TV on Google Play        Paul Saxman

Christian Kurzke

Developer Advocate

Christian is Developer Advocate for the Google Android Platform, and has recently been focusing on Android for Google TV. He is an Open Source enthusiast, committer in the Eclipse Foundation and has been working at the intersection of Linux and Java since the early 90es. Prior to Google, Christian worked in Motorola’s Mobile Phone and Settop Box divisions. Before that, Christian was at SUN working on Java for Embedded Systems. He holds a Dipl. Inf. degree from Univ. Erlangen, Germany, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Ossama Alami

Ossama Alami manages the Geo Developer Relations team at Google. He has been supporting Google’s Geospatial APIs as a Developer Advocate, helping developers build applications around products like the Google Maps API and the Google Earth API. Prior to joining Google, he has worked as a consultant, architect and engineer at Accenture, CSC and Oracle. He calls San Francisco, CA home and in the winter can be found snowboarding in the Sierras.

Paul Saxman

Paul Saxman is a developer advocate at Google focusing on Google TV.  He is passionate about immersive, interactive designs, social software, and lean, mean algorithms, and had been working on these since the 8-bit era.  Although he’s a web developer at heart, Paul’s deep interest in revolutionary platforms has brought him to Android and Google TV.

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