PlayPhone and the Future of Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming

My X-boss Ron, the CEO of PlayPhone is featured in Mobisight today. Very glad to see the cross-platform gaming solution from Playphone. Article is here.


Games have long been a way for people to come together and connect, but gamers and developers have never before been as connected as they are now. With mobile devices and mobile infrastructure getting more sophisticated day-by-day, platforms are continuing to evolve and new gamer-developer models are beginning to make their way into the the mainstream.

On traditional gaming platforms this is already a given. Two great examples of the gamer-developer social model are Xbox Live andValve’s Steam platform on the PC, which both bring players and developers together and eliminate the middleman. This way, even the smallest of developers get exposure to a wider audience and every gamer gains a richer experience and a greater social environment.

Full aticle: MobiSights

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