GMIC SV Media Coverage

Source: GWC.

GMIC SV was a resounding success over the last two days with    over 5,400 actual attendees from 45 countries.

gmic sv media mobisights

  • Over 200 speakers contributed to newsmaking discussions and keynotes
  • The G-Startup competition winners are: Disherence (early stage company from Russia) and Scandit (growth stage company from Switzerland)
  • appAttack winner is Waigo Translate (from USA)

Media Reports

Facebook: We Weren’t Moving Fast Enough in Mobile (AllThingsD)

Facebook VP: We Pivoted To Create The Right Mobile Experience First, The Desktop Can Catch Up Later (TechCrunch)

Facebook mobile usage a boon to network operators (Financial Times)

Yuri Milner And Chinese Billionaire Lei Jun Discuss The Future of Mobile For China’s Answer To Apple (Forbes)

EA CEO: ‘Consumers won’t pay for crap’ in social and mobile games (VentureBeat)

Google Wallet Exec: No Surprise Digital Payments Are Slow Going (AllThingsD)

No sitting down for startup buff (China Daily) 

Google: NFC Payments Growing, Still Three to Five Years Out (PC Magazine)

Facebook VP says the company is finally focused on mobile (CNET)

Xiaomi to Look Beyond China with its Low-price Smartphone Business (CIO)

Google Wallet Exec: No Surprise Digital Payments Are Slow Going (All Things D)
mobiSights Coverage

Day 1

GMIC SV Panel Discussion: Build Local, Distribute Global. Industry Leaders Share Foreign Market Experiences

Google VP of Wallets and Payments: We Need to Find the Value Proposition of Mobile Payments

GMIC SV Panel: Mobile Opportunities in NFC

Yu Yongfu, CEO of UCWeb: Mobile Important in Asia Where People Drive Less

Tim Draper: Tim Draper’s University of Heroes May Be a Good Place for Global Entrepreneurs to Pitch Ideas

Facebook’s Vaughan Smith, VP of Mobile: “We Want to Be a Partner Focused Company”

Gaming is Entertainment: CEO of EA Denies Game-Making is a Data-Driven or Social Business

G-Startup: Investing in Startups is Like Marriage, Say VCs at GMIC SV

GMIC SV: Middle East Digital Pioneers Tackle Rapidly Growing Web and Mobile Industries

AppSpace: Funding Your Startup: VCs, Angels, Incubators…The Best Help?

GMIC SV Fireside Chat: Yuri Milner and Xiaomi’s Lei Jun Discuss Innovation and Investment in China

Day 2

Cloud Computing Panel: Panel, Led by Dave Nielsen (Founder, Silicon Valley Cloud Center)

Panel: Can You Trust Your Phone?

Asia Panel: Asia’s Global Impact on Mobile and Digital

GMIC SV Panel: Just Launch It. How Startups Can Create Popular Global Releases.

Global Stage Africa Session: A Billion Opportunities for Mobile

G-Startup Winners: Finalists and Winners!

Just for fun: Tim Draper singing and dancing on the GMIC SV stage

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