Startup of Month Nov. Winners Announced by SVEntrepreneurs

Nudge Founder Al
The Nov 17 Pitch & Demo Day event was a great success.  A judge panel of six had selected three winners from around 40 presentors at Nov 17 Pitch & Demo day by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups
I am glad to introduce you to the Startup of Month (Grand Winner):  Nudge Technology Inc (‘Nudge , Making the Most out Of Life’s Spare Moments.”), Presented by Al-Hassan Hleileh  (Founder & CEO)
SVEntrepreneurs’S goal is help winner to receive investment in three to six month time frame. His company and personal profile are include bellow. If you are investor, check this shining earlier stage startup out!

 About: Nudge Technology Inc 

Have you ever experienced anxiety or a “fear of missing out” after looking through your social networks and seeing what your connections have been up to? Or is it a problem that their are so many choices in activities, restaurants, and adventures, which leads to “analysis paralysis” or you choosing a option, which you may have regrets about?
Nudge Technology Inc (“Nudge”) solves this problem through a motivating push toward exciting experiences that are custom-made for you and your social network, with the aim to enrich your life. Nudge launched v.1 of it’s product on Stanford campus last week (invite-only), to great feedback. The simplicity and aesthetics of the interface and design has been widely acclaimed. Nudge is led by Founder & CEO, Al-Hassan (“Al’) Hleileh, an MBA 2012 graduate of Stanford GSB. The company is developing a unique technology driven recommendation engine. While the app is only available on Stanford campus currently, the company plans on expanding to other campuses and possibly other platforms soon.

Founder profile: Al-Hassan Hleileh, Founder & CEO from Nudge Technology Stanford MBA, founder of Nudge Technology, which graduated from Steve Blank’s Lean Startup course at Stanford, and was featured by him at SXSW He also was a co-founder at, which is a VC backed regional hotel booking portal.

Angel list:

The judges also selected two runners and one special encourage for an entrepreneur from Africa:
Runner: LetsLunch(“LetsLunch is LinkedIn in real life.”), Presented by Allen Jiang (COO)
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Runner: Mutu (“We are doing for video what Pandora did for music”), Presented by Dick Wolf (CEO)

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Special Encouragement:  Pashash(“Pashash is the app that lets you share real-world shopping.”) Presented by Faheem

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Runner: LetsLunch(“LetsLunch is LinkedIn in real life.”)

LetsLunch is an international startup and is the easiest way to expand your network. Simply tell us three things 1) who you want to meet, 2) when you can eat, and 3) how far you can move your feet. With our algorithm, you’ll be matched up with like-minded professionals instantly. What happens at lunch is completely up to you. LetsLunch is live in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Italy! Find us here:

 Runner: Mutu (“We are doing for video what Pandora did for music”), Presented by Dick Wolf (CEO)

Mutu curates, classifies, and analyzes user preferences and playback data to vastly improve the delivery of online videos. We are bridging the gap between content creators and users by streaming videos utilizing the Youtube API and adding intelligence to the delivery system. Our Social Discovery Algorithm will achieve preferred content discovery 50-100x faster than traditional searching. The current iteration is being called an Interactive MTV.

“I’m looking for a CTO, have investors lined up, and finalizing an amazing advisory board.  With right CTO, we have funding.”

Founder Profile: Dick Wolf, Founder and CEO from mutu, Inc. Background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from ISU, IT development in SAP, C-Level enterprise sales to Fortune 500 companies, and label ownership during years spent in the music industry.

Special Encouragement:  Pashash(“Pashash is the app that lets you share real-world shopping.”)

Kajee  Pashash ( is the app that lets you share real-world shopping. When you see a great buy: snap a picture >> tag the store and price >> share it. You can discover the best buys based on popularity, location and your preferences.
Pashash is an alum of the Google Umbono accelerator in South Africa.
They also won the local leg of TNW Startup World

Faheem Kajee, Co-founder and CEO from Pashash
Faheem is the co-founder and CEO of Pashash. Previously a global equity analyst covering tech and media companies, specializing in small-caps and emerging markets. He then joined the VC, World of Avatar, as their Chief Analyst to focus on innovative, mobile startups in Africa.