Startup of Month

NinjaMyApp Won Startup of Month Dec. by SVEntrepreneurs

 The Dec 8 Pitch & Demo Day event was another great success.  A judge panel  had selected the winners from around 30 submissions at Dec 8 Pitch & Demo day by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups and SF Entrepreneurs

SVEntrepreneurs’S goal is help winner to receive investment in three to six month time frame. His company and personal profile are include bellow. If you are investor, check this earlier stage startup out!
I am glad to introduce you the Startup of Month (Grand Winner):  NinjaMyApp
There are also sample projects and demo apps available to demonstrate integration into mobile apps.

Founder’s Bio:

Fred Radford is a serial Entrepreneur with expertise in networking, software, security, messaging and mobile domains. Product Manager for large, complicated cross functional projects with startups through Fortune 50 companies.


The Runner: TotalCoach


About TotalCoach

 TotalCoach was founded in 2011. Its mission is to instill a lifelong love of sport in athletes by providing amateur sport coaches with the latest technology tools to make them more efficient and effective. DrillBuilder by TotalCoach is available for Soccer, Hockey and Basketball for iPad and iPhone. Using industry-leading technology, DrillBuilder allows coaches to create fully-animated, multi-player movement practice drills and game plays. Coaches create, share or download free drills and plays. The bird’s eye view shows athletes exactly what they need to do in order to perform each drill or play successfully. By providing a better coaching experience, TotalCoach promotes LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development) and creates a life-long love of sport in young athletes. Staying active and participating in team sports plays a large part in a person’s development and a healthy lifestyle.

Founder Story:

“As more and more athletes take personal development seriously, it is time coaching to catch up to use the latest technology. We are committed to creating a profitable company by focusing technology on bringing coaches, athletes and parents together to develop athletes and create a winning team.”

Dean Tait is the Founder at TotalCoach, LLC. In his 20-year career, Dean Tait founded an IT out-sourced company, a boutique wine brand and in 2011, he founded TotalCoach. He has led Global Services for ADC Telecommunications, SS8 Networks and Extreme Networks. Dean served as VP of Products and Marketing for CrushPad and Extreme Networks. Since beginning his career in Quality Assurance, Dean has made the customer the center of focus in an industry known more for innovation than for customer service. TotalCoach is the culmination of driving technology into a space that delivers clear benefit for the customer. Dean received his MBA from Duke University and resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and two children.

Job Opening:

TotalCoach is currently seeking a Technical Co-Founder or CTO. Experience with consumer products, App development and managing off-shore resources are a must.

“We judged an exciting group of companies with interesting business plans and passionate founders.” One of the judge Jim Jensen, (Partner of Perkins Coie) said, ” The winner, NinjaMyApp, has a intriguing business plan that could scale quickly and produce substantial revenue.”

Another judge Ed Lee, Investment and Entrepreneurship at Fenox Venture Capital said, “The turnout at the event, comprising a number of highly motivated entrepreneurs, was great despite being the weekend. I was honored to have been accompanied by a panel of esteemed judges. It is my pleasure to have been invited to the event.”

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