Startup of Month

Pitch and Demo Day Dec 8 Presenter List

1. “Meet great people how you do in real life through your friends!”

suave It’s easy to discover validated, well-matched singles using social context and real profiles.  Suavely is such a tool that helps singles see which friends connect them to matches discreetly through Facebook – and even get the scoop before their wingmen introduce them.  Friends can assist their single friends by playing matchmaker to pair them, or pass along interests as a wingman.  Singles easily create accurate profiles using their real data from their favorite sites.

They have a beta in Seattle, video: beta user tour, amd many changes are coming in the upcoming launch for the Bay Area.

Founder Story:

Suavely is led by Colin-Kirk Hodge: when he’s not talking to partners or recruiting users, he’s hacking out Ruby on Rails code and checking usage metrics.

Colin-Kirk previously founded Cloud 8 Studios, publisher of mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with 40K downloads from in house titles and over 20K from contracted titles.  He worked 4 years at Microsoft on Windows Phone, and is a Cornell University graduate with a degree in Computer Science and minor in Engineering Management.

2.  “See specials before you get to the restaurant!”

today's“This is called Proximity Solutions and we publish an app called Today’s Specials. This app is designed for restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to market themselves to smart phone users in their vicinity.”

Founder Story:

Bill Herbert is the VP Marketing/Partner at Proximity Solutions. He has 19 Years of award winning marketing and advertising experience, with director level positions at JWT (4th largest global advertising agency), Hawaiian Airlines and He has developed highly successful interactive and integrated marketing campaigns for a broad range of companies in diverse industries including; technology, social media & gaming, finance, travel & leisure, healthcare, automotive, non-profit, consumer products, professional services, government and retail. BA  Communications CSU Chico, MBA Marketing & Finance, St. Mary’s College.

3.  FreshTag. Me: The easiest way to have a face-to-face conversation in your browser.”


FreshTag Inc. is an early stage internet company dedicated to connecting people and organizations through live video. Located in the Bay Area, FreshTag provides flexible, real-time web video solutions for both face-to-face chat and broadcasting. Rather than relying on traditional username, invite, and friending models, FreshTag instantly connects users by hashtags or keywords, making meetings online as simple as: “Meet me at #Starbucks.”

Founder’s Bio: 

Prateek Gupta is the cofounder and CEO of FreshTag.Me. A team builder, and business operations/strategy professional is taking time-off from college to pursue his startup, FreshTag.Me. Prateek was a student until this summer, when his friend Ben Daniel (now business partner) came up with up live-video idea, and Prateek executed throughout. He signed up for a San Francisco based Hackathon happening on the weekend, where they teamed up with two most promising engineers, Cody Byrnes & Jon Bardin. Later, FreshTag.Me was selected to launch at Demo Fall Conference 2012 with full scholarship & more than $1.5 million valuation, and became the youngest startup (4 months old) to be launched in Demo’s history.

4. NinjaMyApp: There are also sample projects and demo apps available to demonstrate integration into mobile apps.


Founder’s Bio:

Fred Radford is a serial Entrepreneur with expertise in networking, software, security, messaging and mobile domains. Product Manager for large, complicated cross functional projects with startups through Fortune 50 companies.




5. TotalCoach was founded in 2011. Its mission is to instill a lifelong love of sport in athletes by providing amateur sport coaches the latest technology tools to make them more efficient and effective. DrillBuilder by TotalCoach is available for Soccer, Hockey and Basketball for iPad and with iPhone. Using industry-leading technology, DrillBuilder allows coaches to create fully-animated, multi-player movement practice drills and game plays. Coaches create, share or download free drills and plays. The bird’s eye view shows athletes exactly what they need to do in order to perform each drill or play successfully. By providing a better coaching experience, TotalCoach promotes LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development) and creates a life-long love of sport in young athletes. Staying active and participating in team sports plays a large part in a person’s development and a healthy lifestyle.

Founder Story:

“As more and more athletes take personal development seriously, it is time coaching to catch up to use the latest technology. We are committed to creating a profitable company by focusing technology on bringing coaches, athletes and parents together to develop athletes and create a winning team.”

Dean Tait is the Founder at TotalCoach, LLC. In his 20-year career, Dean Tait founded an IT out-sourced company, a boutique wine brand and in 2011, he founded TotalCoach. He has led Global Services for ADC Telecommunications, SS8 Networks and Extreme Networks. Dean served as VP of Products and Marketing for CrushPad and Extreme Networks. Since beginning his career in Quality Assurance, Dean has made the customer the center of focus in an industry known more for innovation than for customer service. TotalCoach is the culmination of driving technology into a space that delivers clear benefit for the customer. Dean received his MBA from Duke University and resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and two children.