Meet 7 rising startups: BoomCloud, ZypPages, MedLuma, Pinemango, IronCaddie, Fan Labz, Oculii @ Pitch and Demo Day SF Sep

Meetup 7 risting startups at Pitch and Demo Day SF at Sep 21.

1.      BoomCloud.com: “BoomCloud is the only social media designed for touch.”

BoomCloud is a 3D app and marketing platform that allows creative people to present their creative content and stories in an interactive way via a 3D cube with pictures, images, videos, social content, and links to websites. You can spin the cube, touch it, interact with it, and bring back the human touch into social media.”

Startup Intro
 People are searching for better ways to visualize creative content, photos, and videos. It’s said that, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Boomcloud makes that happen.
l  Social media does not do a good job representing people’s multi-dimensional personalities and character. Boomcloud allows people to show who they are, what they are about, and what they really love.  People want to connect with other people in more meaningful and relevant ways – based on those shared passions and interests
BoomCloud is the next generation of visual social media. It’s Pinterest meets Tumblr in 3D. You can build a creative cube, showcase and browse cubes, and share cubes with other people with similar interests. It can be your visual avatar of all the things you love and are passionate about. Be that art, music, bands, photos, videos, sports, or social causes.

Presenter’s Bio

– George Moore, Founder, CEO/President

George Moore, is a former Accenture strategy principal. He used to get paid to tell people what to do even if he wasn’t sure what he was saying. He does not write code. George’s background includes positions as President of The Bear Group, a Japanese Biometric technology startup in Foster City, CA where he drank a lot of sake and ate sushi frequently; They managed to build a pen that recognized and verified Japanese signatures for banking. President of ANTEC Materials Management, where he was responsible for cleaning up the inventory mess at Comcast (formerly TCI). His group managed a lot of inventory, materials and products. By last count it was over $1 billion. He has also been involved in multiple Internet companies, including Shaq’s online footwear and apparel company Dunk.net. George helped with the strategy and hung out in Santa Monica, not bad work if you can get it. His educational background is crazy: U.S. Naval Academy, with a BS in Engineering and Far East Studies (Mandarin). The Naval Aviation program. He snuck in and got an MBA from Harvard Business School when they weren’t looking. He says he learned his strategy skills while attending the Japanese Naval War College and drinking a lot of sake again. George speaks fluent Japanese. Good person to take to a sushi bar or Japan. Former Navy Pilot, tells you a lot more than this bio. Ready to rock and roll. See full resume attached.

2.      ZYPPAGES –
 “ZypPages enables instant postings directly from any “My Docs” and sets owners mobile number as URL”

Startup intro

– ZypPages is the world’s simplest online posting system. Its patent-pending system instantly uploads any document in any format directly from any computer’s “My Docs” and establishes the owner’s mobile number as the online locator or URL.  ZypPages enables a large market segment to have an online presence they would not normally be able to have.

Presenter’s Bio:
Ray Kasbarian, co-founder and CEO, a senior executive and entrepreneur in the global IT marketplace is leading the ZypPages team.  An early entrepreneur, he developed and sold several software companies.  His global experience has been in the ERP sector and after a successful IPO, he relocated to Paris and made several acquisitions, building and heading up European Operations. He is now focused on building ZypPages into a large-scale global platform and has assembled a team with background in rolling out similar large scale products.

3.    MedLuma Inc. www.medluma.com

“The amazon.com of healthcare services, helping patients shop for healthcare providers, and providers effectively market their services to potential patients.”

Startup intro
MedLuma is a start-up dedicated to helping patients become better consumers of healthcare services, and helping healthcare providers find patients. We at MedLuma believe that the healthcare market can be improved through information services that help patients and providers find each other more effectively. To that end we are embarking on a journey to collect and disseminate data and tools to make patients more informed and active consumers, and build a marketplace where healthcare providers can promote their services. We are a nation of over 300 million patients, and over 100,000 healthcare providers. The possibilities are endless.

Presenter’s bio: Reza Afkhami, Founder
Reza is a health and life sciences executive with 16 years of professional experience. Reza facilitated major strategic deals bringing over $1.6 billion of cash upfront for CV Therapeutics Inc., a Palo Alto based biotechnology company, up to and including the sale of the company to Gilead Sciences.  Reza more recently setup and grew the SF office for SPRIM, a global clinical research organization and product development strategic consulting firm. While at SPRIM he built a team of 12 professionals, grew sales by $6M, and built a clinical research facility. Prior to his involvement in healthcare, Reza built his IT experience while an associate at the Gartner Group focused on eCommerce, and subsequently helped launched a B2B electronic marketplace. Reza obtained his undergraduate degree in International Economics from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and his MBA in Finance Entrepreneurship form UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

4.     Pinemango: “Instantly Cloudify Desktop Applications”

Pinemango enables collaborative desktop activities in real-time on a shared cloud desktop amongst multiple users. Simply sign-up for your new cloud desktop, and share the desktop URL/account to anyone you’d like to collaboratively use the desktop together.

5.    IronCaddie: “we build interactive game targets where one can compete and score points and prezes”
“Our product is an interactive target where people can play different games like archery, corn hole, golf, and others and compete to win a prize/contestthe target communicate through the cloud to an app running on a smart phone/PAD. this allows for biz owners to restore information about games and clients which can be used for promotion campaigns.”
Presenter’s Bio: Erez Avidan Antonir
Enior Executive with expertise in IT, Networking and consumer electronics. Closed numerous OEM, Technology sharing, and distribution deals and partnerships. Led and brought to an exit 2 companies, one of which I founded, and one where I was brought in as an external CEO by a lead VC.

Education & Personal – MBA, BsEE, BA Literature

•       Dual citizenship – USA and Israel.  Fluent in English and Hebrew. Married + 4

•       Interests – Golf, hiking, fishing and reading

Career History

•       Valens / BIZ DEV lead for North America / Sunnyvale CA / 2011 – present

•       NeoPhotonics (Nasdaq;NPTN)   / VP Sub-system Business / San Jose CA / 2006 – 2010

•        OpTun / CEO / Santa Clara CA / 2002 – 2006 (acquired by NeoPhotonics)

•        EDSL / CEO / Rockville MD / 1998 – 2001 (acquired by Orckit)

•        Bynet / Dir. Of Sales / Tel-Aviv Israel / 1994 – 1998


6.    Fan Labz, Inc: “We have built a data driven mobile predictive platform for professional sports teams.”
Fan Labz is a data driven mobile predictive game that is branded for each individual team in iOS and Android. Fans compete with each other by wagering virtual currency on fantasy sports type questions for a chance to win exclusive prizes (like meeting the head coach). Through this engagement, Fan Labz collects valuable data that empowers franchises to identify and monetize their entire fan base. Fan Labz helps build detailed profiles on every fan that participates, including: geo-location, demographic, contact information, and game activity.

Presenter’s Bio:

Steve Smith, Co- founder

Steve started his first company as a freshman in college, creating an affiliate website for an online poker company, that eventually grew to multiple campuses, generating over $25K in the first year. Upon graduation, he was a Senior Financial Analyst at Wells Fargo Bank, supporting a $500MM credit portfolio. In 2010, he left to do Business Development for CyberArts, a leading social gaming and casino software provider, where he contributed to multiple new deals in London, Norway and the US totaling over $1MM. After helping CyberArts grow and eventually sell to Station Casinos, Steve is co-founding his second company in Fan Labz. Steve graduated from Eller Business College at University of Arizona and has completed all four CPA exams.


7.    Oculii – “Oculii designs and manufactures high performance 3D tracking radar sensor modules for automotive, traffic, airborne, and security applications”

Startup Info –

Imagine you could transform the interaction between humans and computers, improving the everyday usability of systems from autonomous automobiles to robotics – the social and financial value would be enormous. Today, imaging sensors are one of the main bottlenecks preventing this vision from becoming a reality. Oculii has developed 3D tracking radar sensors which provide unprecedented military-grade performance, at consumer electronic price points. These sensors have the potential to revolutionize a plethora of billion dollar markets – automotive, airborne, traffic, security, etc. – and could fundamentally change the way humans and computers interact.

Presenter’s Bio: Steven Hong, COO, Co-Founder

Steven is one of the co-founders and current Director of Product @ Kumu Networks, an NEA/KV backed startup that has raised over $25MM to commercialize full duplex wireless technology. The technology was developed while Steven was a graduate student at Stanford University, where he completed his PhD in EE at the age of 24. Prior to his time at Stanford, Steven spent time as a consultant at McKinsey and Company and a research engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he worked in the Sensors Directorate of the Air Force Material Command.

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