India Professionals Invite you to SIPACON 2013

SV’s India Professional Association (SIPA.org)  would like to invite mobile entrepreneurs to to SIPACON 2013. This will also the second time I will be speaking at SIPACon. I missed SIPACON 2012 due to schedule conflict.


• Keynote: Ro Khanna, Counsel – Wilson , Author -“Entrepreneurial nation’

• Panel Discussion: The Next Wave of Personalization with Big Data

• Panel Discussion: Trends in Internet of Things

• Leadership Talk: Maintaining your Leadership Compass

• Pitch it up Fest for Startups (7 startups, 8 min each)

Judges-     (Naeem Zafar, David Cao and Ali Reza)


Imagine a world where every device, every digital touch point knows your preferences and provides you with content and information based on your interests and needs. Such a world is possible now more than ever before. With massive amounts of digital data, combined with social behavior and interconnected mobile devices, companies have been able to provide hyper-perso nalization of services down to the individual. Amazon and Netflix have clearly demonstrated the power of using data to provide effective content to their audience. However, there is lot more to come.

SIPACON is an all day event for technology professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs to connect with over 300 people and learn from industry leaders.
Venue: Paypal Town Hall , 2161 N 1st, San Jose, CA Google Map

 Some of the speakers for the event


SIPA has partnered with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups  and is offering all sventrepreneurs members 100% Discount and Free Registration for 2 days (Limited Quantities)



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