Boombotix won Startup of Month Nov follow by Rock Your Block #SVEPnD

Boombotix won Startup of Month follow by Rock Your Block at Pitch demo day on Nov 16 hosted by SVEntrepreneurs.


Winner: Boombotix

boombotix“The Boombotix App is the first to synchronize audio content over mobile networks”

Synchronic is a mobile app that synchronizes music across multiple devices over a mobile network. This new technology unlocks the potential for peer-to-peer mobile surround sound. There is a DJ mode where one user can stream to multiple devices. In Listen mode, multiple users can connect to a DJ and stream content from his playlist in perfect sync.

Demo: http://youtu.be/uuqNEsmcnWc

CEO/ Founder: Lief Storer

“From the very start, I was fortunate enough to land an engineering position that incorporated technology with art and design. At DiCon Lighting, I pioneered a line of ultra high power fiberoptic illuminators used for ultra efficient architectural systems. I seized the opportunity to learn everything I could about product design. In my nights I would transform from engineer to artist working on a variety of mediums from sneakers, headphones, skate decks and toys. As fate would have it, my technical background was fused into my art which put me in position to launch BoomBotix mobile audio.”

“My primary focus is around technologies that will enhance the user experience for mobile audio. Music is the most valuable social currency, and I plan to make sharing it simple and fun with technology.”

Runner: Rock Your Block

“Rock Your Block has been described as The LinkedIn + Monster.com for Teenagers.”

Rock Your Block is the world’s first mobile and social network integrated application that helps teens find opportunities to make money, develop life-skills, and gain experience. Not only can teens use Rock Your Block within their existing social networks to find both paid and unpaid opportunities in their area, they create a Dynamic Virtual Resume, showcasing their capabilities to future employers starting at age 13.


LAUNCH Festival 2013: Selected to Showcase in the “Demo Pit”
HATCH PITCH SXSW 2013: Finalist
SXSW VC Fast Pitch 2013: Finalist
Tech Cocktail SXSW 2012 Startup Showcase: Finalist
Startup Weekend TC 2010: First Runner-up



United States 13/621,776

Registered Trademark “Rock Your Block”

PHP Version 5.3 with Yii framework

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Integration

MySQL 5.1 using InnoDB engine.

Rackspace CentOS 6.0

Co-Founder and CEO, Sarah Young

Sarah is the visionary behind Rock Your Block. Her inspiration for Rock Your Block largely came from her experiences as  a teen. She worked every odd job and part-time job imaginable and was always looking for ways to make some extra cash. As she grew up through the evolution of the Internet, she noticed that methods for job seeking were progressing for just about everyone—except teenagers. How is it that the most tech-savvy generation didn’t have a networking tool of their own for finding jobs? Sarah started the company in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, as a product of Startup Weekend. After building the company for the past three years with a focus on the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, she has recently relocated to San Francisco to expand.

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SVEPnD 11-16 winners



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