Startup Winner Boombotix: Current Funding Round & Job Openings

Boombotix is the leader in ultraportable audio technology. The Company started in 2009 with a vision to create an alternative to headphones. Since then, Boombotix has built out a full line of bundled hardware and software to drive the future of the music listening experience. Their product line incorporates wearable speakers and mobile audio synchronization software. Walden Venture Capital and David Dolby currently back the Company.


About the current funding round:

Boombotix is currently raising a Series A2 round of $3M. The round is led by Walden Venture Capital with matched investment from Social+ (Ted Maidenburg) and Baseline Ventures (Steve Anderson) with additional follow investment from David Dolby. The round has $2.5M subscribed with $500k available.

About the Team
Lief Storer received a B.S. in Optical Engineering from UC Davis. He developed ultra-efficient fiberoptic LED lighting systems before starting Boombotix. He has skills in electromechanical design, business development, and branding. The core team includes Solidworks expert, Chris McKleroy as VP of Product, a full stack Ruby developer Ben Radler as VP of Technology, and Berkeley graduate, Mustafa Shaikh.

Job Openings
Upon funding, our top hires include a VP of International Sales another skilled Developer with background on Embedded Systems, and a Graphic Designer/Admin. Generally we look to build a small hyper talented organization where many hats will be worn. We need to continue to drive an accelerated run rate while investing in our future product pipeline/R&D.