#SVEPnD Dec: tagMap, DocBasket, Solfice Research, Inc., AnswerTo, eelusion and MenuMeet

Here comes out 6 startups who have been chosen to pitch on Dec 7th. They are:

• tagMap: “See who is around” 

Presented by: Igor Grinkin, Founder at tagMap

• DocBasket: “DocBasket is your mobile document manager”

Presented by Michael Chong, CEO, Founder of DocBasket

•  Solfice Research, Inc.: “Computer Vision for Locomotive Control”

Presented by Sravan Puttagunta, CEO

•  AnswerTo: “Micro-consulting marketplace for expert answers.”

Presented by Alan Gunshor, Founder at AnswerTo

• eelusion: “Next-generation geo-loacted 3D games with augmented reality features”
Presented by Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann, CEO & Co-Founder

• “Eat.Share.Meet”

Presented by Dr. Wallace Lynch, Founder /

Startups’ Intro:

• tagMap: “See who is around” 

tagMap is a mobile app that uses GPS feature of the smartphones to show other subscribers in the same area. It provides local search based on interests.

The application is ready and available for iOS and Android.


Users mark their interests using tag words, and can find other local users on Google maps with similar interests. This concept creates a new GPS search engine that can go a long way.

Presented by: Igor Grinkin (potentially also Don Campbell, Business Adviser), Founder at tagMap, X-Googler with technical background

• DocBasket: “DocBasket is your mobile document manager”

DocBasket, as top 20 app in GMIC SV 2014, is the innovative document management platform to help people’s daily life more simple and paperless. DocBasket will make the documents waiting for you in the meeting places based on geo-tagging technology. Just tag the documents with DocBasket app in your mobile device by check-in and make any notes and memo on those documents. Then toss them into your DocBasket. No hassle and efforts to organize your slides, brochures, flyers and even name cards later. DocBasket acts as your own secretary to organize your documents by time, location and event. With DocBasket, you can save tremendous time of managing personal documents and name cards for your meetups, biz meetings, seminars, conferences and trade shows. Don’t store your documents and notes here and there anymore!

Presented by Michael Chong, CEO, Founder of DocBasket

Senior Director of Cloud Platform Business at SK Telecom (’05~’13)

Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics (’02~’05)

System Integration Engineer at Dongbu Information Technology, Inc. (’98~’00)

Telecommunication System Engineer at Tellabs (’96~’98)


MBA of 2002, Red McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin

EE of 1996 at Kyunghee University, Korea

• Solfice Research, Inc.: “Computer Vision for Locomotive Control”

Solfice Train Vision is a remote sensing based approach to positive train control, wherein the sensors reside on the train as it travels along the track. This enables the train to obtain context without heavy reliance on signaling equipment. Currently a train needs constant communication and plenty of trackside equipment to report it’s position within a railroad.

Our plan is to reduce the overhead of introducing Positive Train Control functionality to Class I railroads by instrumenting trains with remote sensing technology. The train will constantly be analyzing the environment to make decisions in real time. To enable this, Solfice is instrumenting locomotives with 3D Lidar scanners & FLIR cameras to extrapolate information about the environment. This will enable the train to detect and isolate which train track it’s on.

Then this information is utilized to augment current signaling infrastructure to ensure higher line capacity and better safety envelopes.

Presented by Sravan Puttagunta, CEO


The idea of Solfice started in 2004. The original concept was to create a platform for sensing in the interest of society. Sravan’s interest was to gather data through wireless sensor networks and create web services that can help alleviate some of the pain points plaguing various industries today. Therefore it was a intuitive decision to start a firm with which focuses on wireless sensor networks and the “Internet of Things”. Sravan enjoys the high octane team at Solfice and is further motivated by their excellence.


Sravan conceptualized and wrote Flingo’s video based automatic content recognition (ACR) algorithm as a consultant from Solfice. This technology allows a Smart TV to be self-aware of the content that is being shown live with linear broadcast. Apart from Flingo, Sravan also co-founded the RAACI initiative which aggregates governmental data and provides a platform for increasing transparency. In addition, he designed and launched the YourAdhikar platform for filing RTI’s electronically in India. Sravan holds a M.S. from UC Berkeley in EECS and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from CSU Chico.


Defining problem statements (railways, industrial factories, consumer products)
New business development (capturing the Indian, Bangladeshi and US railway markets)
R&D of new Solfice products (developing the software stack for SIDDU)
Financial management of cash flow and burn rates

• AnswerTo: “Micro-consulting marketplace for expert answers.”

We have built a custom online question and answer marketplace for software developers that enables them to buy, sell, earn, win, and reward with a points currency for the best answer to a member’s question.

Presented by Alan Gunshor, Founder at AnswerTo

Global Business Executive with proven success building new businesses from idea to launch in two start-ups (one venture funded, and one bootstrapped to profitability), as well as Fortune 100 tech companies, and Inc 500 fastest growing companies list.

Extremely versatile and fast-moving leader who masters new concepts quickly and can foresee and bypass roadblocks in new product strategies.

A thought leader with a deep entrepreneurial mindset, able to communicate concisely and cut through complexity to drive results across small and large teams and organizations.

Specialties:Startup Entrepreneur & Inventor,
Business Planning & Models,
Mobile & Local Advertising,
Verticals, SMBs, ISVs, Resellers and Agencies,
Product Planning,
Channel Partnerships & Initiatives,
Sales Training & Enablement,
Systems Integration, CRM, & Customer Lifecycle Solutions,
Product Marketing & Launches,
Content Aggregation & Distribution,
Location Based Services (LBS),
Ad/Content Monetization

• eelusion: “Next-generation geo-loacted 3D games with augmented reality features”

The main product of eelusion is eevoo, a geo-social mobile game that allows the player to claim squares of our world on a virtual map index. eevoo can be thought of as a blend of foursquare and Sim City, but differing in its gameplay genre, user experience and high-end 3D. Players can hold and develop squares, build houses in real places of the world
and develop them through the ages, all while competing with other players. The augmented reality feature is the highlight, allowing users to visualize the world they built cooperatively through the unique lens of their camera. In short, eevoo is aiming to make the world an interconnected playground.
More info on

eevoo JUMP
To broaden the universe of eevoo and its visual appeal, a cosmos of mini-games (like eevoo JUMP) has been developed, thereby connecting more players to the universe of eevoo and bolstering clever cross-promoting platforms.

Presented by Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann, CEO & Co-Founder

Guillaume is a French-German entrepreneur who co-founded eelusion in the beginning of 2012. eelusion is his first company, a mobile game studio based in Berlin & settling its business development in SF. eelusion sucessfully raised $1.7 mio seed-funding mid of 2012. The common vision of Guillaume and Stephan, his co-founder & CCO was to upgrade our world through avant-gardist digital games by combining state of the art technologies – such as Geo-Location or Augmented Reality – with engaging game mechanics.
Guillaume has a double diploma in International Business and a M.A in Digital Communication. Besides running eelusion, Guillaume enjoys the multilayered subcultures of Berlin and elaborates creative concepts for several european start-ups. He spends most of his free time browsing digital trends and travelling between Berlin, Paris and San Francisco. “Eat.Share.Meet”

MenuMeet is a mobile web App to display beautiful full picture restaurant menus and place orders on the patrons’ mobile devices. It is also a social app to bring people together to meet and socialize while dining. MenuMeet is the most convenient and non-intrusive restaurant mobile app currently available. It saves time and money for both restaurant patrons and owners.


* For customer: No installation required, no download, no footprint, no privacy concern.
* For restaurant owners: No new hardware/software purchase, software reprogramming or system integration necessary
*No sign up or log in necessary for customers to perform core functions including browsing and ordering
*Multiple customers at the same table can browse and order with their own devices without log in or sign up
*Users can look for a blind date with like-minded people nearby to have a meal together, or turn lunch or dinner into a fan talk, productive meetup or romantic date. (this is a location based function)
*Users can consolidate the social sharing of their experience at the restaurant with friends on one screen without any back & forth among different apps and sites.

Presented by Dr. Wallace Lynch, Founder /

As a serial tech-startup entrepreneur, business owner, executive producer, media director and professor, Dr. Lynch has successfully founded two IT startups. He has over a decade of cross-industry expertise in both the public and private sector, ranging from mass media, to economics, to consulting, to IT, to academia, to cultural exchange. He has a PhD in labor economics from Columbia University, and uncompromised enthusiasm towards gourmet food.

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