OpenLearning: The social way to teach and learn online #Startup Of Year

Startup Intro:
OpenLearning is an online learning platform that builds upon the successes of social media, gamification, and peer communication to build strong course communities. The resulting immersion, engagement and enjoyment leads to deeper learning in students, increased retention, and more effective information sharing within organisations.

Student interaction data is used to recommend ways to improve course quality, while OpenLearning’s unique administration tools make it easy for non-technical people to create and manage stimulating courses.

OpenLearning has delivered the first MOOCs in Australia and Malaysia by partnering with the University of New South Wales and Taylor’s University respectively. The platform enables anyone in the world to teach free courses for free while we charge fees for private courses.

Angellist Profile Link: https://angel.co/openlearning-1
“Our existing investors have reinvested while we seek additional capital. ”
Type of investment OpenLearning is looking for: Angel first round
Funding amount: 500000