Nominations #FounderOfYear: Iddo Tal (Invi), Lief Storer (Boombotix), Al-Hassan Hleileh (Nudge)

Al-Hassan HleilehFounder & CEO at Nudge Technology

nudge-founder-alAl-Hassan Hleileh, Founder & CEO from Nudge Technology Stanford MBA, founder of Nudge Technology, which graduated from Steve Blank’s Lean Startup course at Stanford, and was featured by him at SXSW He also was a co-founder at, which is a VC backed regional hotel booking portal.

18Nudge Technology Inc is developing a unique technology platform, with a data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence components, that mines data and delivers users unique recommendations that enrich their lives.Early beta version can be found on:
Angel list:

Iddo TalFounder at invi. Inc

1a577dfI’m an entrepreneur. I make things happen. I find an idea I like, talk with the target audience, learn the market and design a product they need. Build a team, develop strategic partnerships and raise funds. Get into the garage with a few talented developers and bring it to life.

13invi is the next generation of texting. No more tiny thumbnails and dull links. Share pictures, YouTube videos and so much more within your text conversations, as beautiful and interactive content.You can read more about us here on our press release, Techcrunch , TheNextWeb,  AndroidSpin,  Applatter, keithwkoch,  VentureBeat,  Talk Android and Drippler.

Lief StorerCEO/Founder at Boombotix

0fe4428From the very start, I was fortunate enough to land an engineering position that incorporated technology with art and design. At DiCon Lighting, I pioneered a line of ultra high power fiberoptic illuminators used for ultra efficient architectural systems. I seized the opportunity to learn everything I could about product design. In my nights I would transform from engineer to artist working on a variety of mediums from sneakers, headphones, skate decks and toys. As fate would have it, my technical background was fused into my art which put me in position to launch BoomBotix mobile audio.
My primary focus is around technologies that will enhance the user experience for mobile audio. Music is the most valuable social currency, and I plan to make sharing it simple and fun with technology.

boombotixBoombotix is the leader in ultraportable audio technology. The Company started in 2009 with a vision to create an alternative to headphones. Since then, Boombotix has built out a full line of bundled hardware and software to drive the future of the music listening experience. Their product line incorporates wearable technologies and mobile audio software. Walden Venture Capital and David Dolby currently back the Company.