Startup Candidates#Startup of Year:Nudge Technology, NinjaMyApp, invi. Inc, referralMD, Nimbler, Clef, Friend Trusted, Opportunes, Instabug, Oculii, Boombotix, AnswerTo

Startup of Year 2013 candidates

Nudge Technology Inc is developing a unique technology platform, with a data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence components, that mines data and delivers users unique recommendations that enrich their lives.

NinjaMyApp –“Backend as a Service” for mobile developers, think “WordPress for Apps”

invi is the next generation of texting. No moretiny thumbnails and dull links. Share pictures,YouTube videos and so much more within your text conversations, as beautiful and interactive content.

ReferralMD is a collaborative health care startup focused on getting rid of paper based communication once and for all. Their software connects primary care physicians and specialist providers in a network that makes it easier for the two groups to work as a team while reducing each others liability and improving the bottom line in the process.

Nimbler SF gets you from point A to B efficiently whether by BART, Muni, AC/Transit, Caltrain, walking, bicycling, or combinations of the above. Nimbler provides full point-to-point routing, real-time updates and advisories together in one app. Nimbler will make you faster, more efficient, and more flexible in your daily travels in and around the city.

Clef is a replacement for usernames and passwords online that uses your smartphone to log you in. By moving authentication out of our heads, and in to our phones, we’re able to use state of the art cryptography to keep your identity safe. The trend in this industry, though, has been to make things safer, bu t harder to use.

Friend Trusted offers homeowners a free price comparison and booking engine for their home improvement projects with the most convenient delivery method possible, their smartphone.

Opportunes allows artists and fans to start movements to help an artists career. The site also allows artists to upload media content and sell merchandise.

Instant bug reporting tool for mobile apps!

Oculii designs and manufactures high performance 3D tracking radar sensor modules for automotive, traffic, airborne, and security applications.

Boombotix is the leader in ultraportable audio technology. The Company started in 2009 with a vision to create an alternative to headphones. Since then, Boombotix has built out a full line of bundled hardware and software to drive the future of the music listening experience.

We have built a custom online question and answer marketplace for software developers that enables them to buy, sell , earn, win and reward with a points currency for the best answer to a member’s question.

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