Meet 20+ founders at Startup of Year 2013 Ceremony #StartupOfYear

  • Iddo Tal


Founder at invi. Inc.

I’m an entrepreneur. I make things happen. I find an idea I like, talk with the target audience, learn the market and design a product they need. Build a team, develop strategic partnerships and raise funds. Get into the garage with a few talented developers and bring it to life.


invi is the next generation of texting. No more tiny thumbnails and dull links. Share pictures, YouTube videos and so much more within your text conversations, as beautiful and interactive content.You can read more about us here on our press release, Techcrunch , TheNextWeb,  AndroidSpin,  Applatter, keithwkoch,  VentureBeat,  Talk Android and Drippler.

  • Brenton Marrelli


Founder & CEO at Friend Trusted. Entrepreneur and aspiring philanthropist. Strong both technically and in business with over 10 years as a Software Engineer and launched previous products on my own.

I have my BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of San Francisco (’02) and MS in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University (’07).

04Startup Desc:

Friend Trusted offers homeowners a free price comparison and booking engine for their home improvement projects with the most convenient delivery method possible, their smartphone.

  • Moataz Soliman


CTO at Instabug Founder of Instabug, a bug reporting tool for mobile apps.

ex-Software Testing Engineer at Microsoft.

Computer Engineer from Cairo, Egypt.

54Startup Desc:

Instant bug reporting tool for mobile apps

  • Steven Hong


COO, Co-Founder at Oculii Steven is one of the co-founders and current Director of Product @ Kumu Networks, an NEA/KV backed startup that has raised over $25MM to commercialize full duplex wireless technology. The technology was developed while Steven was a graduate student at Stanford University, where he completed his PhD in EE at the age of 24. Prior to his time at Stanford, Steven spent time as a consultant at McKinsey and Company and a research engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he worked in the Sensors Directorate of the Air Force Material Command.


Startup Desc:

Oculii designs and manufactures high performance 3D tracking radar sensor modules for automotive, traffic, airborne, and security applications

  • Gary Krane

160848 Gary Krane, Ph.D., cofounder, CEO and chief psychologist of Relationship Technologies ( and Develop

ed successful and original ventures in education, television, and books. Ph.D.,Educational Psychology (UC Berkeley), Ed.M. (Harvard). Author of Simple Fun for Busy People (Conari); producer of many PBS specials, two of which won First Place in the American & National Video and Film Festivals, respectively; creator of TV reality series produced by Disney. (Unique qualified: Blinds

ided in own marriage)

18005015Startup Desc: helps couples and have stronger happier relationships

  • Yuchen Wang

61120 — Founder of TaggTo Since 2012

— Engineer Manager at Trulia from 2009 – 2011

— Early engineer, lead engineer at 2007 – 2009

— Engineer at 2004 – 2007

taggtoStartup Desc:

TaggTo is a fun way to discover and share passion for products, in a social way.

  • Alan Gunshor

photo (1)

Founder at AnswerTo

Global Business Executive with proven success building new businesses from idea to launch in two start-ups (one venture funded, and one bootstrapped to profitability), as well as Fortune 100 tech companies, and Inc 500 fastest growing companies list.Extremely versatile and fast-moving leader who masters new co

ncepts quickly and can foresee and bypass roadblocks in new product strategies.A thought leader with a deep entrepreneurial mindset, able to communicate concisely and cut through complexity to drive results across small and large teams and organizations.Specialties:Startup Entrepreneur & Inventor,

Business Planning & Models, Mobile & Local Advertising,

Verticals, SMBs, ISVs, Resellers and Agencies,

Product Planning,

Channel Partnerships & Initiatives,

Sales Training & Enablement,

Systems Integration, CRM, & Customer Lifecycle Solutions,

Product Marketing & Launches,

Content Aggregation & Distribution,

Location Based Services (LBS),

Ad/Content Monetization


Startup Desc:

We have built a custom online question and answer marketplace for software developers that enables them to buy, sell, earn, win, and reward with a points currency for the best answer to a member’s question.

  • Robson Ribeiro


Co-Founder at (Muzic)Opportunes

First startup in 1986. Started one of the first ISPs in Brazil in 1996. Participated in 8 digital music projects in the USA, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Multi cultural entrepreneur w

ith strong business development background.

218005510Startup Desc:

Opportunes allows artists and fans to start movements to help an artists career. The site also allows artists to upload media content and sell merchandise. Our backend aloows us to make sure the delivery process of the funded goods and services is delivered.

  • Jonathan Govette


CEO of referralMD

Jonathan Govette is the CEO of referralMD – As r

eferralMD’s strategic leader, Jonathan is responsible for developing key relationships with healthcare organizations, online positioning, branding, product design, and team development.Prior to referralMD, Jonathan has sold innovative products and professional services in the enterprise online and print marketing / web development / software space . Jonathan holds a B.S. in Entrepreneurial Finance from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo.


Startup Desc:

ReferralMD is a collaborative health care startup focused on getting rid of paper based communication once and for all. (ie. Fax and triplicate forms) Their software connects primary care physicians and specialist providers in a network that makes it easier for the two groups to work as a team while reducing each others liability and improving the bottom line in the process.

  • Guillaume Vaslin

61451 Co-Founder at eelusion

Guillaume is a French-German entrepreneur who co-founded eelusion in the beginning of 2012. eelusion is his first company, a mobile game studio based in Berlin & settling its business development in SF. eelusion sucessfully raised $1.7 mio seed-funding mid of 2012. The common vision of Guillaume and Stephan, his co-founder & CCO was to upgrade our world through avant-gardist digital games by combining state of the art technologies – such as Geo-Location or Augmented Reality – with engaging game mechanics.

Guillaume has a double diploma in International Business and a M.A in Digital Communication. Besides running eelusion, Guillaume enjoys the multilayered subcultures of Berlin and elaborates creative concepts for several european start-ups. He spends most of his free time browsing digital trends and travelling between Berlin, Paris and San Francisco.


Startup Desc:

Next-generation geo-loacted 3D games with augmented reality features

  • Artem Gassan


Founder at WhalePath

Artem Gassan is a lifestyle entrepreneur, source of ideas and founder at and Vesta Digital. Served as mentor and adviser to numerous startups in software technology space.

WhalePath is a Marketplace where professionals can order business research from a group of qualified and vetted top tier students managed through a technology process that delivers in days.

  • Bell Dave

1632 Co-Founder & CEO at Gummicube, Inc. | Community of Mobile App Shoppers

  • Lei iris


Founder at

  • Vish Mishra

Clearstone Venture Partners, TiE

  • Eric Tao

62058 Director Institute for Innovation and Economic Development

  • Jerry Panagrossi


InvisiTrack, Inc.

  • Ahmed El Wassimy at VYBE, Winner of 13-Dec Startup Weekend
  • Joe, Monastiero, Founder, CEO, nFlat