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Call for Startups to pitch at Private Pitch Demo Day 2014 to a group of investors  Feb 12th Private Pitch Demo Day is the next step of SVE’s Public Pitch and Demo day event will bring together a group of Silicon Valley’s active investors. We will select a group of fund-able founders  from 10-12 candidates, and help them get funded by further private assistant. They will also get the direct pass entering our annual startup competition Startup Of Year. Startups who want to apply for pitching slots must meet with at least one ore more of the following:

1 Received seed or small Angel round investment

2 Graduated from incubator

3 Has a lead investor

How to attend:

This event is private and by invitation only, but it’s open to past Pitch Demo Day winners/ runners and judges.

If you are a past pitch demo day Winner/ Runner/ Judge, email the assistant organizer Vicky at viki @ to book a seat.

If you are a startup who never win at SVE Pitch Demo Day event, please fill out this startup application form first, our team will contact you asap if you can pass the pre-selection process.

If you are an Angel/ Investor/ VC who never attended Pitch Demo Day event, please fill out this investor application form first.

  • When: Feb 5th
  • Where: Menlo Park, CA
3PM             Networking, Introduction & Keynote
3:10PM    Startup Pitching
6PM        Cocktail
7PM      Announce resultTotal 10-15 minutes for each presentation and Q&A.
– 5 minutes for Presentation
Unlimited minutes for Q&AAwesome Investors in our network:

Investor Company
Richard Melmon Bullpen Capital
Kayvan Baroumand nestGSV
Duncan Davidson Bullpen Capital
Patrick Mork Google Play
Bill Reichert Garage Technology Ventures
Amit Sinha SAP
Konstantin Tryapitsyn Vice President of Business Development, FinEx+ Asset Management
Vignesh Ravikumar Sierra Ventures
Sonja Markova Keiretsu Forum
Marcelo Manjon Xseed Capital
Jialu Chen Asset Management Venture
Mahendra Ramsinghani TriplePoint Venture
Eugene Zhang InnoSprting; TEEC Angels.
Mike Loftus Angel’s Forum
Binay Ackalloor Sand Hill Angels
Neil Weintraut Cloud Venture
Ting Louie SharesPost Investment Management / SP100 fund
Monali Jain Kiretsu Forum and Angel Investor
Luke Lee Asset management Venture

Some pictures of past Pitch Demo Day

Successful Stories
Below are examples of winners of Startup Of Year 2013.

Boombotix, Nov-13 Winner, raised $3.2million.
Nudge Technology, Nov-12 Winner, raised $250K.
invi. Inc, Jan-13 Winner, raised $3million.
Oculii, Sep-13 Winner, raised $1million.
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