Silicon Valley’s largest community opens up to its members

SVEntrepreneurs community cannot succeed without you. Now its open to SV Entrepreneurs  to the members / organizations to host meetup who are benefiting to the members.
We welcome :
1 Free events who are generally benefiting the community members.
2 We love to collaborate with different non-profit organizations.
3 We love to work with different VCs, Angel Network, and Accelerators, Incubators
4 Service providers, please send sponsorship inquiry. We love your support
Our team will help you to promote to Facebook, Linkedin, etc if you have a great content!
But promoting a paid or a product/service marketing event? Contact organizer team
Bellow is the guideline my team sent out few months ago. And since then, we had done several events this way.
Founder & Fire Starter, SVEntrepreneurs
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: SVEntrepreneurs <>
Date: Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 10:16 AM
Subject: [SVEntrepreneurs] Suggest a a great meetup for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups!

SVEntrepreneurs, the Co-Organizer of ‘Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups’ Meetup Group has changed the settings for the group.

If you have two of the following (Strongly prefer venue, subject, and date):

A Venue

B Speakers

C  Sponsor(s)

D A great subject (Can be existing one)

E A date (or range)

You can go ahead suggest a meetup here:

Suggest a Meetup

Members can add Meetups, but can only be announced by an Organizer. Please do not use this to promote third party events.

Organizer team

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