Community is back, “data is secure”, said Scott Heiferman CEO of meetup is back online after a lasting new type of DDoS attack, see techcrunch  

Just received email from Scott Heiferman, the CEO of meetup few minute ago, all the data are secure!  I am so glad meetup is back online.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Scott Heiferman <>

Meetup Organizers around the world,

You may have had trouble accessing Meetup’s site or apps over the past few days, and you may have heard that Meetup has suffered a massive attack on our servers — a DDoS attack, which is a barrage of traffic intended to make services unavailable. Organizer and member data is secure, including credit card information. No data has been accessed or stolen. (See our blog for all the details on the attack and our response.)

This has been a tough few days for Meetup, and I know it’s been a real struggle for many of you to manage your Meetups while our site and apps were down. You should know that we’re listening to your questions and concerns and that you can count on meetup to be stable and reliable soon, to bring back all features, and to minimize the effects of the service outages.

Thanks for everything you do to create community,

Scott Heiferman,
and CEO, Meetup



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