Collusion Won Startup of Month at Pitch Demo Night Mar 20th #svepnd

Collusion won Startup of Month at Pitch & Demo Night + GDC Party held on March 20th. Five startups presented at this event hosted at @ Horizon in SF. We got 200+ guests, everyone enjoyed this event so much!logo-text

• Collusion: “A smarter way to Collaborate. Collusion is disrupting the very nature of collaboration, offering powerful new ways to develop ideas, run projects and solve problems.”

Today the world’s most pervasive collaboration, organization and problem-solving tool is still the humble whiteboard. Collusion employs this familiar ‘user interface’ to help people benefit from new ways of communicating, presenting and working together with a technology that acts as the glue of a project.

Collusion is a cloud based free form collaboration platform that is used for across tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, smart boards and the web. It’s all about focusing on the work and getting things done.

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Founder StoryRobert Yearsley

Rob Portrait“Habitual tech entrepreneur and supporter of the start-up community in any way I can.”

CEO of Collusion (rethinking collaboration, the role of tablets, and pen computing)
Advisor to OrionVM (just about the quickest cloud on the planet)
Fishburner Founder (largest co-working space in the southern hemisphere)
Mentor to first time entrepreneurs with ideas, passion and follow-through
Old hand at VOD innovation and very large scale commerce systems
Love to sail and race old cars.
Words from Winner: “Happy to share our experiences using Kickstarter with other founders as a way to rapidly evolve a startup towards Series A, by our way of thinking Kickstarter can be used like miracle grow to ready a startup for investment.

We’re in private beta, if you think yo could use collusion in your business – let us know about your use case and we’ll see about hooking you up with access.”

Pictures of the event:



You can see more at: http://www.meetup.com/sventrepreneurs/events/158231382/