F50 (Fundable 50) Announces Beta Launch of Online Private Co-Investment Platform – Market Watch

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 23, 2014 – From Market Watch F50 (Fundable 50), an private co-investment platform, today announces the beta version of its online platform. The fundable 50 are a series of startups curated by a group of investors. Each startup is raising $500K- $2M. F50 provides a combination of online and offline opportunities to match selected startups with pre-qualified investors, with a  minimum investment of $50K.

The F50 team has many years of experience connecting startup founders and investors through Silicon Valley’s largest entrepreneur and developer communities supported by companies like Google, Microsoft and  Amazon. Over 60% of the past pitch and demo winners received funding, including Boombotix, Invi, and Instabug.  Based on this realization, F50 initiated a private syndication platform to help fundable founders in Silicon Valley to raise money from investors globally.

F50 candidates are selected through nomination by private referral, an application process or they are winners of startup competitions. Today’s beta launch of the co-investment platform also marks the beginning of a 60-day match-funding program connecting the F50 with appropriate investors. The season culminates at F50: Funded! Season 1, on June 23rd and 24th, where startups will pitch for a $1M investment offer at a private curated event for angel round deal flow in Silicon Valley.

About F50

Founded in 2014, F50, a private co-investment platform, identifies up to 50 startups curated by investors each season and matches them with appropriate investors. F50 is supported by a global community of investors and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups (SVE). The first season culminates with F50: Funded! Season 1 on June 23rd & 24th, 2014, during Google IO Week, in Mountain View, California. At least one F50 startup will receive a $1M investment offer. For more information, visit http://F50.io.




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