Frugoton Won May Startup Of Month Follow by Pinshape #SVEPnD

Winner’s Introduction

Frugoton: “Preschool Parent Guide – Be a Better Parent.”

Frugoton supports parents with educational resources for preschoolers – a unique curriculum, and an enhanced learning experience. Frugoton believes that education during ages 1 – 6 plays a crucial role in a child’s future success. Our curriculum of skills prepares children for K-12 US Common Core standards.

Preschool Parent Guide is an educational resource designed to help parents nurture and maximize their preschooler’s cognitive development. Preschool Parent Guide offers a wealth of customized educational activities, parenting tips, and game recommendations, as well as a goal and curriculum tracker to follow and measure your child’s progress. Preschool Parent Guide is the ideal tool to prepare your child for K-12 Common Core education.

Gustaw Groth, CEO at Frugoton
15 years of experience as entrepreneur, CFO & CEO in Europe. I led 4 IPO’s and managed set up of more than 10 companies. Master degree in analysis and decision making.

In 2013 I started FRUGOTON – preschool education support for mobile devices. 
I’m fascinated with technology, physics, nanotechnology, robotics, AI, psychology, medicine and I believe that future breakthroughs are cross disciplinary.
I love traveling globe and looking for good food. I relax with Lego. I do Tai Chi, snowboard and learn golf.

Runner up’s Introduction
Pinshape: “​iTunes for 3D Printing”

Pinshape is growing a ​community and marketplace for 3D printable models. We make exploring, sharing, selling,downloading, and ordering 3D prints simple & fun.​ ​

Pinshape is a 500 Startups Company – Batch 9, based in Mountain View California.

How pinshape helps you:
unique shapes, top designers

  • new, fresh shapes to explore all the time
  • cool products you won’t find in big box stores

have a say in what you buy

  • pick one of over 35 materials
  • shapes are printed on demand, just for you

support creative people

  • pinshape designers are regular people
  • directly support the designer, not a big company

see exactly what you’re buying

  • interactive 3d view shows you your shape
  • choose a material and see what you’ll get

easily find things you care about

  • follow people and things that interest you
  • curate boards and show off your style

Lucas MathesonCEO & Co-Founder at Pinshape

I think 3D printing is the future, and a massive opportunity to help people create and customize their physical ​ ​environment. I’ve spent​ ​my ​ ​career working for exceptional companies, and learning from exceptional people.​ ​ ​ ​

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Message from Founder:

3D printing is exploding, and it will change ​all of ​our lives ​profoundly. We all have a lot to learn and lots to explore over the coming years. We built pinshape to help people explore exceptional design ​s​, creative ideas, and learn about 3D printing from establish 3D sculptures and designers. ​​Soon there’ll be millions of 3D shapes uploaded to the web, and pinshape will help us navigate and explore shapes we find interesting and relevant.

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