F50 invites Founders to get funded @ #F50S5

Want to connect with F50’s  network of global investors (on a huge private yacht)? F50 can give you that (and more) if you’re accepted into our founder/investor network.

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F50 is selecting 100 new startups into the network for our Season 5 class, where the founders will connect with the F50 Private Investor Network aiming for $100M in collective funding. Founders will be connected to more than 1,000 investors in the network including 300 in person at our upcoming F50 Summit as well as through a series of private matching events. If you are a founder that is looking for up to $5 Million in funding, I encourage you to reach out and complete the application to be considered for our Season 5.

F50 offers companies:

  • Connections through a private network to F50 Investors
  • Saved time with a simplified process of meeting investors
  • No required equity or transaction fees to join the network
  • Yacht parties!

Notes for founders:

  • If you’ve applied before and didn’t get in, please don’t be too discouraged. Startups take time to evolve and mature and we will do as much as we can to support the founders.
  • Due to high demand, we can’t offer it to everyone. But, we will keep all companies on our wait list, with a good chance to get connected in our future seasons or as we open up our platform down the road

You can also ask your current investor to nominate you. So take your action this weekend!

If you are not raising money, pls help us by following us on twitter @fundable50 and share the news using #F50S5 We welcome referral as well. More detail can be find online at

David Cao @davidcao01

Founder, Fire Starter, SVEntrepreneurs

Founder, F50 & F50 Ventures Fund

About: F50 is a private co-investment platform that connects high quality founders with a network of smart capital.  F50’s curated platform of high quality, early stage startups provides an ideal source of deal flow for investors.  The easy, fast submission process together with regular, live pitching events provides an ideal way for founders to secure early stage capital quickly from a global base of smart investors.


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