F50 Closed Seed Round with more than 2 million

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (June 15, 2015) — F50, a private co-investment platform, announced today the successful close of its seed round for more than $2 million from a group of investment funds and angel investors. The company will use the funds to grow its team, particularly by adding developers to launch its online platform, and to expand its network of investors.

F50 has built a private network to help 1000+ investors from around the world access and share great deals. Simultaneously, F50 has helped many members of its 230+ selected founders in their seed or angel round.

“We founded F50 last year on top of Silicon Valley’s largest entrepreneur community to connect founders by providing them access to a global network of smart capital,” said David Cao, Founder & CEO of F50. “Our relationships with key influencers in the startup community, including corporations like Google and accelerator programs like StartX, have been very helpful in our success to date.”

“F50 is supporting the startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs with strategic investors globally. It’s great to have received such strong support from our diversified strategic partners,” said Bill Reichert, Co-founder of F50 and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures.

The company’s founding team includes Eric Ly, the Co-founder and former CTO of LinkedIn, as well as Tel Liu, the former EVP of Tencent. F50 will host a series of private, offline-to-online events for its Network members this June, including an invitation-only F50 Season 5 Summit in downtown San Francisco to showcase 100 startups across eight major verticals to more than 400 investors worldwide.



About F50


F50 is a private co-investment platform that connects a network of high-quality founders with smart capital. F50’s curated platform of select early-stage startups provides deal flow for member investors. The easy, fast submission process together with regular, live-pitching events provides an ideal way for founders to secure early stage capital quickly from a global base of smart investors. For more information, visit www.f50.io.

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