Future 50 – HealthTech: Open to nomination

Dear Friends and Family,

Since 2015, F50 has worked extensively with several organizations in Silicon Valley including StartX in the healthcare field and has partnered with several prominent HealthTech experts and establishments. As a result, F50 is now started the effort to publish our “Future 50: HealthTech” list in mid-October, timed with our flagship conference, the Global Capital Summit 2016.

We would like to ask for your help in creating this report. If you know any great HealthTech startups, please nominate them to be considered for the list here:

HealthTech is the sector I will be leading myself. We are also looking for experts, venture partners, or EIRs in the HealthTech field who are interested in collaboration.

The “Future 50” will identify the future leaders in HealthTech to be released online and to our global investor network. Companies that qualify for the Future 50 list must be in the Pre-A to Series B stage and have a U.S. office.