SVE Product Demo Night: New Way to help the startup commuity

last week, SVE announced the upgraded monthly event: SVE Demo Night: Launch your product.

Its deep winter in startup ecosystem, especially for early stage funding. SVE would like use a new event to help the great startups in our community: Demo Night, use SVE to promote startup product, for clients, branding, recruiting and so on.  So couple updates here:

1 Call for product demo, product from big companies welcome

I would like to invite the startups who had secured enough funding ($1M ore more) to present your product to the community. This is a very broad reach out, we welcome great product from all size of the companies, startup, growing stage, to Google, Facebook, all welcome! This new event will also give our community members to learn from great product

2 $5 cover cost
The volunteer team had challenges to put more effort secure food sponsors, and also we have to turn many people away because the size of the event, so the volunteer organizers made a decision: charge $5 for the event. I hope with your $5 contribution, the organizer team can product better content for the event.We always welcome sponsors for food as well!