Meet Todd Kerpelman of Google at Developer Network Meetup

This is the monthly iOS meetup hosted at Google HQ, to learn the latest innovation & technologies.


6PM Welcome Opening

6:05  Tweaking and A/B Testing Your App With Firebase Remote Config by Todd Kerpelman

6:45 Localizing Mobile Applications using Translation Markup Language

7PM Continuous Integration in iOS development by Kenneth Jiang

7:15PM Open mic / Announcement

Tweaking and A/B Testing Your App With Firebase Remote Config
Ever have one of those one-line code changes that you wish you could make without going through the entire publishing process? Ever wanted to run an A/B test to find out if more people would click your purchase button if it said “Buy” instead? Well, with Firebase Remote Config, you can do that, and we’ll show you how in this presentation. There’s sure to be lot of thrills and chills! Or, at the very least, a little bit of live coding and some fun Keynote animations.

Presenter: Todd Kerpelman used to be a halfway-decent game designer, until he tricked Google into hiring him on as a Developer Advocate. He figures it’s only a matter of time until they realize he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he’s stockpiling snacks in the meantime.


Localizing Mobile Applications using Translation Markup Language

Today’s web and mobile app localization industry relies on numerous standards, libraries and file formats to facilitate the exchange between developers and translators.  While some formats are somewhat sophisticated, others lack even the most basic features, like pluralization and contextualization. And most can’t offer support for more advanced features, like language cases.

The most common localization formats include Rails YAML, Gettext PO, Android XML, .Net RESX, iOS Strings and many others. A typical developer works with many frameworks – Angular, Rails. Android and iOS mobile app. Since all standards have distinct syntax, in many cases translations cannot be shared across applications.


Translation Markup Language (TML) aims to solve both of these problems by introducing a powerful, extensible, cross-platform syntax that offers support for pluralization, language contextualization, language cases, reusable decorators and much more. TML libraries are open sourced and are available for all major web and mobile platforms. TML allows translators to provide in-context translations – where translations can be added from within the apps. TML libraries also eliminate the need for developers to ever deal with the resource files, as all the extraction and translation substitution is done realtime and the resource files are only used as a transport between the app’s cache and the Translation Exchange platform.

Translation Exchange stores all translations in the Universal Translation Memory (UTM), a graph database which stores all translations with their context, tone, rank  and other attributes for accurate matching. This allows translations to be shared across all apps in the Translation Exchange Network. The translation memories of each app are extracted from the UTM graph and are managed by their individual localization teams.

During this presentation we will look at some of the features of TML and how it can be used to quickly translate an IOS application into any number of languages using in-context translation tools.


About Presenter: Michael Berkovich is a co-founder and CEO at Translation Exchange.

Before starting “TrEx”, Michael was a lead engineer at Geni, where he built an open-sourced localization framework called “tr8n”. The framework allowed Geni users to submit, review and validate translations.


Abstract: Do you think CI (Continuous Integration) is a good idea for mobile app development? Have you tried to implement CI for your iOS app but become frustrated by all the problems? In this talk Kenneth Jiang will talk about the CI system for iOS app development in Rhumbix. He will focus on the challenges they ran into and managed to solve, as well as the difficulties yet to overcome.

Bio: Kenneth Jiang has 17 years of professional software development experience. He has been in technical leadership position in companies of different sizes. He is currently leading platform development in Rhumbix engineering team, which he joined in 2015 and grew from 3 to 9 engineers. He expertise includes backend scalability, mobile app development, and software engineering best practices.

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Food sponsored by Google.

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When: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 5:00 PM

Where: Google – 1255 Pear
1255 Pear Ave
Montain View, CA


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