Robotcop startup Knightscope is launching a “mini-IPO” | TechCrunch

F50 is a proud three-time investor in Knightscope – developer of crime fighting autonomous security robots.  They now have machines operating live with clients in nearly a dozen locations across California and are gearing up for a nationwide rollout.

Knightscope, the Dalek-like mall security robot startup we’ve mentioned here before has decided to do one of those new crowdsourced “mini-IPOs.”Also referred to as Regulation A+, these types of public offerings for private companies just became legal about a year ago to give startups access to capital from just about anyone. They are basically crowdfunding with an equity stake in the company you invest in and are supposed to give the public more investment choices than what’s available on the public market.So far Knightscope has raised close to $15 million in its Series A and B rounds and now aims to raise an additional $20 million at a $80 million pre-money valuation. So for a mere $999 minimum investment to start you can now get a stake in this Silicon Valley-based robot security guard company.

Source: Mall cop robot startup Knightscope is launching a “mini-IPO” | TechCrunch