F50 announced Bruce Ge as new President to lead the Global Capital Summit and Insider Program

I am every excited to announced that a great new addition of F50 family, the President of F50, Bruce Ge, starting today (Jan 15).

Bruce will lead the entire Business of Global Capital Summit and Global Capital Insider (membership) two major product line. I will continue to lead investment, and FA business as CEO and Chairman.

Bruce is a very successful Entrepreneur, HR specialist. He went to Tsinghua university at age of 15. He founded Jobs2Careers and reached $60M annual revenue without any VC money. Now he serves as Chairman of Jobs2Careers.

Bruce and I had common vision about F50. I am confident that with Bruce’s leadership, we will bring F50 to a new level soon.

Global Capital Summit™ is F50’s flagship product, which had become one of the flag of global ventures in Silicon Valley. We are launching the Global Capital Insider, a paid membership program to provide better service to the investors and corporate who are in need of more advanced services.

Again, I would like invite all of you to work together with Bruce and I to build a better ecosystem together.

-David Cao,

CEO and Chairman of F50


More about Bruce

Bruce Ge is the Chairman and founder of Jobs2Careers, which he founded in 2010. Bruce leads branding, strategy, financing, recruiting, and training for the company. His innovative and forward-thinking approach to employee growth has lead to the implementation of weekly management training sessions for all staff who have the ambition to become leaders. This provides qualified management candidates to the company, as well as an excellent opportunity for employees to advance their careers. Under Bruce’s leadership, Jobs2Careers has had the honor of making the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row. Bruce is an engineer by trade, with 24 years in the software field, first with Siebel Systems, then Oracle. He enjoys studying history, and often incorporates lessons learned from history into his management training sessions. Bruce holds a B.S. from Tsinghua University and a M.S. from the University of Illinois, both in computer science.