Keeping Up with DeepTech Investment Trends

The shelf-life of technology buzzwords seems to get shorter every year. Biotech, healthtech, information tech—the words and technologies are still in use. But they have lost the zing that makes investor hearts tremble.
Inevitably another term—and technology—have climbed to the top of heap. Deeptech is the now the topic of articles, seminars and investor conferences (more about that later).
Deeptech is a relatively new development. That means startup founders, investors and potential customers are paying attention to what it is and what it can do.
Start at the Very Beginning
Getting clear about what deeptech is and what it takes to commercialize it is the first step in making a wise investment.
  • What is deeptech? Deep Tech companies create revolutionary solutions that redefine markets and industry processes. More and more people describe deeptech ventures as startups with a unique and highly protectable platform technology at their core.
  • What makes deeptech startups different? The business potential of deeptech startups can only be assessed with a deep scrutiny of the underlying technology. That’s difficult because few if any experts exist for a technology that’s being developed. And deeptech commercialization requires more time, capital and investor patience than other startups do.
These questions—and their consequences in business development terms—are just two topics you might discuss at the 2018 Global Capital Summit.
Where Deeptech Founders and Investors Meet
Sponsored by F50 and Peakview Capital, the investment advisory arm of China’s Shengjing Group, this one-day conference brings technology developers, startup founders and local and Chinese funders together at [what facility] on Sandhill Road in Menlo Park.
That’s where attendees can:
  • Discover Silicon Valley deeptech investment opportunities.
  • Learn the status of local deeptech investments from the investor’s point of view.
  • Meet active investors and promote their products and services.
Join us on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 for a day filled with information and networking. For more information, go to