#SVEPnD Nov Presents 7 Startups: Arboobra, Boombotix, Digistal leaning Tree, X-Rift, Nirmata, Cuipo, Rock Your Block,

Check out the 7 presenters who will be pitching in front of investors at Nov 16 PnD Day. Use #SVEPnD as hash-tag Good luck to them!

=== Selected Startup List ===

• Arboobra Ltd: “RTweazy is social media tool which helps you make content for your tweets.”

Presented by Tomaz Cirman, CEO, co-founder

• Boombotix: “The Boombotix App is the first to synchronize audio content over mobile networks”

Presented by Lief Storer, CEO/Founder

• Digital Learning Tree: “Digital Learning Tree is revolutionizing learning through globally known educators who mentor other educators on our World-class platform. Built over 3 years, launched in May, growing rapidly…”

Presented by Glenn Moeckelmann, CEO/Co-founder

• X-Rift: “Best Mobile App in Europe and Central Asia – June 2013”

Presented by Daniel Tonkopiy, CEO at X-Rift

• Nirmata: “Nirmata provides a platform built for development & operation of cloud services.”

Presented by Jim Bugwadia, Founder & CEO

• Cuipo: “saving the rainforest one meter at a time “

Presented by Tom Murray, Co-founder & President

• Rock Your Block: “Rock Your Block has been described as The LinkedIn + Monster.com for Teenagers.”

Presented by Sarah Young, Co-Founder and CEO

=== Details===

Arboobra Ltd: “RTweazy is social media tool which helps you make content for your tweets.”


RTweazy is social media tool which helps you make content for your tweets. RTweazy prepares content for your tweets with relevant content ideas/suggestions, based on user’s different sources (tweet feeds, web pages, blog, rss,…). RTweazy analyses source and suggest content, best hashtags to use and finds author of content and make @mention for that author. RTweazy offers auto and manual schedule and allow team to pitch in and contribute to shared feed (eg. companies feed). It’s easy to follow statistics with quick stats view and you can also do further analysis. Demo access: http://bit.ly/svpitchcoupon

Presented by Tomaz Cirman, CEO, co-founder

Co-founder @Arboobra (RTweazy), business development and corporate finance background with knowledge of tech and business models in ICT, Studied at University of Ljubljana.

Boombotix: “The Boombotix App is the first to synchronize audio content over mobile networks”

boombotixSynchronic is a mobile app that synchronizes music across multiple devices over a mobile network. This new technology unlocks the potential for peer-to-peer mobile surround sound. There is a DJ mode where one user can stream to multiple devices. In Listen mode, multiple users can connect to a DJ and stream content from his playlist in perfect sync. 

Demo: http://youtu.be/uuqNEsmcnWc

Presented by Lief Storer, CEO/Founder

From the very start, I was fortunate enough to land an engineering position that incorporated technology with art and design. At DiCon Lighting, I pioneered a line of ultra high power fiberoptic illuminators used for ultra efficient architectural systems. I seized the opportunity to learn everything I could about product design. In my nights I would transform from engineer to artist working on a variety of mediums from sneakers, headphones, skate decks and toys. As fate would have it, my technical background was fused into my art which put me in position to launch BoomBotix mobile audio.

My primary focus is around technologies that will enhance the user experience for mobile audio. Music is the most valuable social currency, and I plan to make sharing it simple and fun with technology.

Digital Learning Tree: “Digital Learning Tree is revolutionizing learning through globally known educators who mentor other educators on our World-class platform. Built over 3 years, launched in May, growing rapidly…”

LEARNINGTREEDisruptive Courses are listed here:

Our collaboration tool for teachers connecting via mobile device can be tested from any smart phone by sending a text message word: “flipclass” to 1408-day-1now – instantly you will see all of your meeting attendees after you fill in the biz card filter.

Presented by Glenn Moeckelmann, CEO/Co-founder

Glenn Moeckelmann, 20 years of technology and start-ups experience. Currently launched an angel invested education technology start-up which is gaining recognition due to our recruitment and profit sharing of the best educators of the World. Living out a dream together with one of the best teams imaginable. We truly are revolutionizing learning…

X-Rift: “Best Mobile App in Europe and Central Asia» – June 2013”

xriftX-Rift is a location-based multiplayer game so players have to ally themselves with others to create control fields, to control vast territories and protect themselves from monsters from a Parallel Universe.
The gaming industry is developing from PC and consoles to mobile devices and finally to augmented reality platforms. X-Rift is a shooter of next generation that engages teams of real people to play together in the real world.

Business-model: X-Rift is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Besides, there is a premium subscription that improves the gaming performance and experience.

Target markets: USA, UK, Germany, China, South-East Asia

Platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Google Glass


X-Rift is a location-based multiplayer platform.
It uses new AR technology which adds a layer of digital content to the real world via GPS anchors, and uses advanced image processing to refine and enhance the user experience as well as Google API to recognize faces.

Deck: http://youtu.be/oKnmBsmJ5lE

Demo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.deekay.XProject

«Best Mobile App in Europe and Central Asia» mLab & EIF contest
«Best Mobile App in Ukraine» mLab & EIF contest
«3i Startup Award» – 2nd place CRDF Global STEP IT Startup Boot Camp

Presented by Daniel Tonkopiy, CEO at X-Rift

Serial entrepreneur: best.uachudocard.com.uaall4rest.com.uamp.kz

Nirmata: “Nirmata provides a platform built for development & operation of cloud services.”

nirmataThe Nirmata platform allows software developers to rapidly build, and easily operate, cloud-ready software. Nirmata automates 40-60% of enterprise cloud application development, by providing platform services for application security, APIs, monitoring & metrics, persistence, and many other areas. Nirmata also aggregates 3rd party cloud services, for logging, APM, and other areas.

Software developed using Nirmata is based on a composable services architecture and can be deployed in private or public clouds. The Nirmata approach empowers small autonomous teams to develop & operate cloud services, and enables a continuous delivery model for enterprises.


Nirmata provides a unique model driven approach to building cloud applications.

With Nirmata, the traditional manual software lifecycle of “develop -> compile -> build -> integrate -> test -> deploy -> operate” is transformed into a optimized “develop -> operate” loop leveraging cloud technologies and principles.

The Nirmata Platform enables 10x productivity at 10% of the cost. This rapid development & operation enables businesses to deliver services faster to their customers.

Presented by Jim Bugwadia, Founder & CEO, Nirmata

 Jim has 18 years of development, management & business experience. Prior to founding Nirmata, Jim lead a global team of cloud solution architects at Cisco, where he helped build the Cisco cloud consulting practice into a 250M+ business. Jim has been part of the early teams at startups such as Pano Logic, Trapeze Networks, and Jetstream Communications, and has also held engineering lead positions at Motorola and Lucent.

Cuipo: “saving the reainforest one meter at a time “

cuipoCuipo (pronounced “Kwee-po”) the name of the tallest tree in the Central American rainforest is a social enterprise working to protect and preserve the world’s endangered rainforest. When a customer buys a product or service from Cuipo or a partner, the customer is given a code that enables the consumer, using Cuipo’s patented process, to save a specified amount of rainforest. Enter code TMURY6 at www.cuipo.org/redeem to see how it works
Product lines:
Licensing: Cuipo licenses its creative assets to licensees world-wide currently in over 70 categories
Wholesale Products: Cuipo currently oversees the manufacture of various products for wholesale
Brand Partners: This occurs when a brand partners with Cuipo to give the brand’s customers the ability to save a specified amount of the rainforest due to their purchase of the partner’s product.
Water Products: Cuipo sells 100% recycled plastic (RPET) bottled water through a vast retail network including Whole Foods, Sprouts and others


Cuipo has been issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent number 8,515,875 related to our proprietary tracking system for code redemptions

Cuipo has filed and has achieved numerous trademarks in multiple classes around the world, that protects its intellectual property

Cuipo.org shows the end-user which meter in the rainforest has been saved by each logged-in user, utilizing Google Maps Technology with a Cuipo overlay

The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study, has revealed that U.S. demand for “cause” products is at an all-time high: 54 percent of study participants said they purchased a product associated with a cause over the past 12 months – an increase of 170 percent since 1993; and 89 percent of people said they are likely to switch brands associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality – up 35 percent in the past 20 years

Presented by Tom Murray, Co-founder & President

Tom Murray is a co-founder and President of Cuipo. He is responsible for developing and managing Cuipo’s efforts with non-profit fundraising and affiliations with media projects.

Tom is also a co-founder of the Two Oceans funds, which has been acquiring, managing and developing real property in the Republic of Panama since 2006. With more than thirty years of experience, Tom has a proven track record in launching, growing, and managing successful businesses within the real estate and high technology sectors.

After attending the University of Southern California’s School of Business Administration, he worked for Hewlett-Packard in South Africa, Europe, and the United States. He was a co-founder and investor in several successful start-up companies, including Baan Business Systems California. After managing consistent revenue performance in both sales and consulting, he orchestrated the acquisition of the company by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P a leading Wall Street hedge fund.

Rock Your Block: “Rock Your Block has been described as The LinkedIn + Monster.com for Teenagers.”

Rock Your Block is the world’s first mobile and social network integrated application that helps teens find opportunities to make money, develop life-skills, and gain experience. Not only can teens use Rock Your Block within their existing social networks to find both paid and unpaid opportunities in their area, they create a Dynamic Virtual Resume, showcasing their capabilities to future employers starting at age 13.


LAUNCH Festival 2013: Selected to Showcase in the “Demo Pit”
HATCH PITCH SXSW 2013: Finalist
SXSW VC Fast Pitch 2013: Finalist
Tech Cocktail SXSW 2012 Startup Showcase: Finalist
Startup Weekend TC 2010: First Runner-up



United States 13/621,776

Registered Trademark “Rock Your Block”

PHP Version 5.3 with Yii framework

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Integration

MySQL 5.1 using InnoDB engine.

Rackspace CentOS 6.0

Presented by Sarah Young, Co-Founder and CEO

Sarah is the visionary behind Rock Your Block. Her inspiration for Rock Your Block largely came from her experiences as  a teen. She worked every odd job and part-time job imaginable and was always looking for ways to make some extra cash. As she grew up through the evolution of the Internet, she noticed that methods for job seeking were progressing for just about everyone—except teenagers. How is it that the most tech-savvy generation didn’t have a networking tool of their own for finding jobs? Sarah started the company in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, as a product of Startup Weekend. After building the company for the past three years with a focus on the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, she has recently relocated to San Francisco to expand.